A philosopher confronting Maduro: oppositionist María Corina Machado’s gambit

Corina Yoris Villasana Maria talks to Corina Machado (Reuters/Gaby Ora)

Corina YorisThe Venezuelan philosopher and university professor was the candidate nominated this Friday by opposition leader María Corina Machado to face President Nicolas Maduro, who will seek a third term in the July 28 elections.

the opposition has even March 25th To register Machado’s replacement, the election favorite but disqualified from holding public office for 15 years, a sanction she rejects as illegal.

“He is a person of my full confidence, Your Honor, who is going to carry out this process with the support and confidence of everyone,” Machado said at a press conference when Yoris was named. ,Here we go together. We are a great team”.

Maria Corina Machado poses with Corina Yoris (Reuters/Gaby Ora)

“I feel not only proud, but committed to the people and to Maria Corina, this act of trust, placing that challenge in me, feels like a kindness and a unique separation,” the teacher said, while dozens of followers “Vote Cory” shouted, vote for Cory!

Experts agree that Machado, with 70% approval In some surveys, he has high transference power, which may boost the candidacy of his nominated replacement. In fact, he has emphasized that he will continue to lead the campaign.

The application period for the election ends next Monday.

Yoris, a graduate in philosophy and literature and a doctor in history, was also a member of the commission that organized the primary elections on October 22, in which Machado won more than 90% of the vote.

Machado has insisted In which he would continue the fight to overturn his disqualification and enter the race, replacing Yoris at the last minute.

This is unlikely: the Supreme Court, with a pro-government stance, confirmed the sanction and in recent days authorities have arrested seven associates and have arrest warrants for the same number, including his right-hand man, Magalli Meda. , which had emerged as a possible replacement. ,

Machado and his team were linked to “destabilizing actions”, although prosecutors did not file charges against the 56-year-old liberal rival.

“The regime knows it has lost. The regime knows that the people are with us,” Machado insisted. “We all know that we are a vast majority that is growing every day and we are ready to do everything that needs to be done for Venezuela, for our children, for our freedom.”

Maduro seeks third six-year term, Came to power in 2013 following the death of President Hugo Chávez (1999–2013), and was re-elected in 2018 in disputed elections under suspicion of fraud.

Machado insisted that Yoris’ name was clean before the National Electoral Council (CNE), also accusing him of serving Chavismo. He has not held any public office, so in principle he should not be disqualified from politics.

Candidate nominations are done in an automated CNE system, which the opposition claims it is not able to access.

If this is achieved and if they nominate Yoris, the CNE will have to give his approval for him to officially become a candidate. If rejected, another name cannot be submitted.

After a kind of ‘razia’ by the electoral authority, the opposition has only two authorized partisan ballots: that of the MUD, the old coalition replaced by the current Unitary Platform (PUD), and Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT). , by Manuel Rosales, who faced Hugo Chávez in the 2006 presidential election, was in exile in Peru and is now governor of the oil-producing state of Zulia (West).

This means there are only two candidates.

Some organizations of the coalition supporting Maduro in these elections have already gone to the CNE to nominate their names, but the government United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), headed by Maduro, has not yet formalized its candidacy. Have given.

Politicians who call themselves anti-Chavisto but whom the opposition accuses of collaborating with Chavismo are the first to register.


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