A player does something incredible and recreates Valorant in Minecraft


Nimsy, a youtuber and Minecraft player, was working for eight months recreating Valorant in Minecraft. And the result was impressive. He managed to bring all of Riot Games’ weapons, abilities, maps, and other game features into the sandbox title.

Nimsy’s creation went viral on Twitter thanks to user Jake Lucky. He was in charge of encouraging the public to learn a little more about the youtuber’s work, which can be seen better through his personal channel on Twitch.

I Remade Valorant in Minecraft

The video posted by Nimsy on YouTube has more than 930 thousand reproductions, at the time of writing this note. the amazing project received more than 2 thousand comments and close to 70 thousand likes to support this recreation of Valorant.

The player shows us all the details about the recreation of Valorant in Minecraft. And it wasn’t easy had to rewrite a series of codes to be able to insert the agents, weapons and all the elements that the Riot Games game offers.

Thus, Nimsy managed to recreate almost all of the game’s design features. Because of this, it is possible to have great precision with weapons, in addition to the fact that the abilities of the agents also work in the same way as in the original title.

We can say that Nimsy’s eight months of work resulted in the creation of a new FPS. The only big difference is that Minecraft mechanics are still present. Everyone who wants to access the server must use this IP: mc.nimsy.live.

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