A Pokémon GO trainer dedicates more than 6 years of effort to a task that is already close to completion: turning his town into a paradise for players – Pokémon GO

Since its launch in the summer of 2016 until today, Pokémon GO it has remained one of the most popular experiences in the mobile market. Thus, the experience for iOS and Android of Niantic Labs has conquered millions of players that, every day for almost seven yearsspend part of their time to squeeze the license based on pokemon saga. However, a player from a small town in Italian Tuscany has wanted to go further and is carrying out his life’s mission: turn your home into a pokemon go paradise.

as they collect in Mein-MMOthe story of AMindJoke (which he himself shared via your account on Twitter) began in the summer 2016, date on which the game was released. Back then, this user had to navigate to big cities like Florence to enjoy the virtues of the title. However, this situation changed in 2018 when he and a friend found out about the existence of incomeanother Niantic Labs experience that gave them the option of register places of interest to later turn them into pokestops.

The player turned his town into a Pokémon GO paradise

As he recounts, he organized a calendar with his friend to carry out different requests with the intention of converting emblematic places of his town into poképaradas. Unfortunately, he pointed out that this was a difficult task as on some occasions it took up to “7 or 8 requests” for historical sites such as palaces built centuries ago. For this reason, he affirmed that these requests took time to be processed. several weeks or monthsa wait that was reduced when Pokémon GO introduced the option to to make suggestions from the app itself.

Thus, AMindJoke and his friend shortened the deadlines related to the approval of pokéstops. In this way, for a few years now they have managed to fill their town with emblematic locations within Pokémon GO, which is why they have several pokéstops and gyms. Finally, as advice, he pointed out that the most important aspect is maintain contact with other members of the community. Thanks to this, both AMindJoke and his friend are aware of what they approve and what they don’t, a measure they use to speed up processes.

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