A smart bird feeder, a Pokémon Go in real life

bird feederA bird feeder, equipped with a camera and artificial intelligence, allows gamify the care of these animals turning this activity into a kind of Pokémon Go in real life.

This intelligent bird feeder has been presented in the latest edition of the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES), an annual event that advances some of the new technologies that will mark the future. This case may not be that bad, but it is curious.

According to Kyle Buzzard, co-founder of Birbuddy, His invention allows you to turn feeding the birds on your terrace or garden into a game, something like a Pokémon Go with real little animals.

This bird feeder take pictures of the animals that come to it looking for food. Its artificial intelligence technology can recognize more than 1,000 species of birds, which allows users to share, through a mobile application, images of the animals that are being fed. When one of these little down jackets lands on the device, the user will receive a notification on the mobile, another one to add to those that come from social networks, information media, etc. But, in this case, they may provide unprecedented satisfaction.

A bird feeder, a photo gallery

The chamber of this bird feeder controlled from smartphone Admittedly, the snapshots it takes are of good quality and it provides some amazing and fun images that can be archived in a digital photo album.

According to its creators, “with Bird Buddy you are not only helping the birds by feeding them. there is also contributing extremely important information to the database of bird migrations and populations that will help experts to better understand and protect them.”

The battery can last between 5 and 15 days, depending on the number of photos taken: It can be recharged with a USB-C cable or with solar panels, if preferred. The price ranges between 200 and just over 300 euros and the material with which it is made resists the attack of squirrels.

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