A strange bug in Pokémon GO causes a legendary Pokémon to hatch from an egg

Pokémon GO will never stop surprising with its many mistakes.

A strange bug in Pokémon GO causes a legendary Pokémon to hatch from an egg
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It is not new to find errors in Pokémon GO, but apparently, a strange error in the Niantic game would be allowing a rare pokemon to be born through an egg that until now can only be obtained through raidsevents that appear throughout the world of Pokémon GO in which players have to cooperate with each other to get some of the rarest and most powerful pokemon in the game.

In this case it is **Reshiram*, the legendary dragon type and fire type pokemon that can only be obtained through the raids that appear on the Pokémon GO map. At least, that is how it is achieved in the normal way without errors involved, but you never know how Niantic’s game can surprise you.

A user breeds a legendary pokemon without realizing it

As we can see through the Reddit forums, a Pokémon Go player shows that in his list of pokemons, when filtering by “incubated” pokemons, the Rashiram that he had recently caught appears. That is, an error in the game would be categorizing Rashiram as a pokemon that can be hatched from an egg instead of being a legendary pokemon that can only be obtained in raids.

It is, therefore, a visual error more than anything else. There is no record that anyone has hatched an egg with a Rashirma inside, but it is still curious. One of the many bugs that we have found in Pokémon GO since its release in 2016, like this bug that made a giant head appear on the map.

Pokémon GO players are not happy with the arrival of Keldeo for this reason

Despite the years, Pokémon GO continues to have a huge community of players and fabulous support from Niantic. For example, until a few days ago it was possible to enjoy a New Year event loaded with news. It was only until January 4th, so it is no longer available, but more news will be announced soon. It is a game in constant motion.

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