a strong drought causes this type of action

Water scarcity is becoming a reality in various parts of the world, mainly due to climate change and the increase in demand in industrial sectors. This problem hits Chile hard, a mainly mining country, an economic sector that is extremely demanding of this resource; added to the fact that it rains little or nothing in winters for more than a decade.

Minecraft in the care of water

The Chilean company Aguas Andinas has created a server in Minecraft as a way to raise awareness among children and young people about the importance of caring for water. The Manager of Communication and Corporate Affairs of Aguas Andinas Claudia Contreras explained the scope they seek with the implementation of this particular campaign.

“At Aguas Andinas we are aware that facing drought and the effects of climate change is everyone’s task. That is why we want to connect with different generations, especially the youngest, to amplify that message and make them become agents of change, since the climate emergency warrants it.”

How to enter the Aguas Andinas Server?

To enter the Aguas Andinas server present in the Mojang game, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Log in to your account Minecraft.
  • Add the server by typing The World of Andean Waters.
  • Write “minecraft.aguasandinas.cl” on the server and 19132 in the port.
  • After that, you will be ready to explore the Resilient City.

What can we do on this server?

In the Resilient City of Aguas Andinas we will be able to travel by train visiting iconic places such as the El Yeso reservoir, the mega-ponds of the city of Pirque, the Las Vizcachas drinking water production plant, the institutional building of Aguas Andinas and the Biofactory, which are resource-producing centers that function in a self-sustaining manner.

As we said at the beginning, extreme drought is the main environmental challenge that Chile must face during the 21st century, especially the Metropolitan Region; The economic center of the country is located in this area and its capital Santiago, which has more than 5 million inhabitants, accounting for almost a quarter of the total population of Chile, which currently stands at 19 million.

Water is an important resource, although it sounds cliché “gives life”, we need it for practically everything. Although industries are the main culprits for this shortage, you can do a lot just by turning off the faucet when you are not using it. It looks like a small gesture, but you will help take care of the water that you consume yourself. The planet and your body will thank you.

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