A very important change comes to Valorant with the release of Patch 6.02: Riot has not told you, but the Stinger receives a hard ‘nerf’ – Valorant

Riot Games has reduced the power of the Stinger in Valorant Patch 6.02. A very important change that comes to the game imminently and promises to end a hated strategy.

After entering a period of calm after the release of Episode 6, Riot Games has returned to the fray with big changes to Valorant. The company has not shaken up the tactical shooter with a large number of adjustments, but with a single modification of superlative importance in the new Patch 6.02. The developers have spent several months unhappy with the state of one of the cheapest and most powerful weapons in the game, applying now a ‘nerf’ that seems deadly in needd. The glory days of the Stinger are in the past.

Hard blow to the Stinger in Valorant Patch 6.02

When the power of a firearm is reduced Valorant This is usually done by modifying their stats or increasing their price, especially if they are among the cheapest. This time, what the developers have done is combine both action protocols. “The Stinger is too strong at medium to long ranges compared to its price. Force buy with heavy armor and Stinger on rounds two and three is too effective and didn’t have too many negative effects on the economy. We hope players can use this strategy from time to time if they have the necessary credits,” they explained from Riot Games.

The Stinger has received three changes…

  • Cost increased from 950 to 1100
  • Max damage range (27) reduced from 20 to 15 meters
  • Minimum damage (now to enemies beyond 15 meters) reduced from 25 to 23

In actual terms, the number of hits required to kill an enemy has been increased by one as long as the rival is more than fifteen meters away. A measure that, together with the price increase, makes the option to buy Stinger much less desirable. As we said, it is the only significant change in the patch. In addition to this, bugs have been corrected, the systems have been improved and the beta of a system that evaluates the voice communication of the players to punish bad behavior has continued.

Please note that some changes are not listed in the official patch notes published in Spanish due to some kind of error. However, they have appeared in the English version.

Free rewards for Valorant players

As an additional note, Valorant players will be able to enjoy some free rewards over the next few days. These will be related to the next VCT Lock In that begins on February 13.

  • VCT Lock In Title: Watch a match live between February 13 and March 4
  • VCT Lock In Cap Charm: Watch a Finals Match Live on March 4

Of course, to claim these rewards we will have to have linked our Riot Games account such as Twitch or YouTubedepending on the platform on which we want to see the live shows.

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