According to a rumor, the mobile version of Valorant would arrive later this year


As posted by Twitter user “Valorant Mobile Info”, Valorant would arrive on mobile devices later this year. Its developer Riot Games had confirmed that the game would be coming to smartphones, but never gave an official release date.

This information was endorsed by other community users known for leaking data about the game, making the rumor even stronger. Riot Games has not yet commented on it.

Anna Donlon, executive producer of Valorant, confirmed in 2021 that the game would have a mobile version, but did not give many details about its release date. At that time, he only told what were the first steps of the study to be able to create an edition for smartphones of one of the most successful FPS today.

“We didn’t start with ‘let’s make a mobile Valorant.’ We started with “can we make a mobile Valorant?” and a lot of skepticism. In our opinion, everything you can get on PC, you can get on smartphones, but we have to admit that the needs of mobile gamers are differentAnna said.


At the beginning of last year, a video was leaked showing a bit of Valorant gameplay for mobile devices. It’s basically the same version as for PC, with the obvious difference that the controls are part of the game’s HUD.

In recent months, several rumors have come to light about the mobile version of Valorant. Matches are likely to have bots, enemies managed by AI. These are currently not available in the PC version of the game.

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