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Valve’s popular video game CS:GO will be ported to Source 2 graphics engine soon, giving it a more modern look and new gameplay features. Photo: Valve

Bombshell news for Counter-Strike lovers. The famous shooter will have a new version that will change everything. This is the highly anticipated migration of the popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to the most advanced graphics engine of Valve till the date: Source 2. This means that the title will have drastic changes in its gameplay and visual aspect. Despite the fact that almost 11 years have passed since the release of CS:GO, this continues to be one of the most popular video games, with a strong user base and a robust competitive scene. The update to Source 2 is the biggest in the game’s history and promises new matchmaking systems, 128 tick servers, and a more balanced experience.

What is the Source 2 engine that the game will be built on?

The motor Source 2 It is the most advanced game engine developed by Valve to date, and is already used in many of their most recent titles, such as Dota 2, Artifact, Dota Underlords and Half-Life: Alyx. As for CS:GO, it had resisted the change, despite having been launched more than a decade ago (2012), but it was imminent for us to know a possible date for its arrival.

According to various leaks, the updated version of Counter-Strike would be about to arrive. One of the clearest indications is a recent discovery of the popular Twitter account @gabefollower, famous for its leaks of everything related to Valve. The user behind that account indicated that there were mentions of two new executables in the drivers. NVIDIA: “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe”.

Weeks earlier, Valve’s own official Twitter account had changed its banner to one displaying the Counter-Strike name. Based on these two facts, the community began to investigate further, until they found the reporter Richard Lewis, who assures, after investigating among his contacts, that the new version of CS: GO is already a fact.

Finding the user gabefollower in the NVIDIA drivers.  Photo: Twitter/gabefollower

Finding the user gabefollower in the NVIDIA drivers. Photo: Twitter/gabefollower

What will the new CS:GO bring?

At the moment, the game has been dubbed ‘Counter Strike 2’, and it is said that it will allow users to create more complex designs for skins, knives and other cosmetic elements, in addition to keeping the existing ones. Other details, such as the density of the graphics and the way matchmaking will work, remain unknown.

The banner of the official Valve Twitter account.  Photo: Reddit

The banner of the official Valve Twitter account. Photo: Reddit

When would the new Counter-Strike arrive?

Although the update is expected to be released this March 2023, Valve has not yet officially confirmed that it is working on this new version. Many suggest that the game will arrive as free downloadable content that will be distributed to any user who wishes to participate in the testing phase of CS:GO 2. The possibility of the “Global Offensive” subtitle disappearing from the name of the game has also been mentioned. video game and that the “terrorist” and “counter-terrorist” factions be switched to avoid controversy.

Despite the fact that this information comes from rumors and unconfirmed reports, the CS:GO gaming community is excited by the possibility of such a major update to the game’s story. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still a very popular and highly anticipated game on the esports scene, and the update to Source 2 could be a huge boost for the future of the game.

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