After criticism, Blizzard will change one of the most controversial elements of Overwatch 2

Since its launch in October last year, Overwatch 2 He deals with all kinds of controversies. While much of the criticism revolves around monetization and a lack of engaging events, some design decisions also raised eyebrows for players. Luckily, Blizzard has listened to the feedback and is already preparing changes.

In case you don’t know, the free hero shooter recovered and incorporated almost all the maps from the original 2016 installment. In addition, it introduced new ones along with an unpublished game mode. The problem is that not all scenarios are available at all times, as the developers introduced a seasonal rotation.

This means that certain maps will not appear in the main game lists. According to Blizzard, this decision was made to bring freshness and make each season feel special. However, players lament that their favorite maps are conspicuous by their absence.

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Bye bye! Overwatch 2 will remove map rotation

Fortunately, Aaron Keller, director of Overwatch 2, listened to the feedback from the community and recognized that the players were right. In a post on the official Blizzard Entertainment forums, he confirmed that they will be removing map rotation starting with Season 4.

Of course, the creative comments that it is possible that in “the distant future” they will incorporate the rotation of maps again. In that case, he says the settings will change more frequently; for example, instead of them rotating each season, they could rotate each week.

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Finally, Aaron Keller acknowledges that some players indicate that they play a lot on a particular map due to matchmaking. In the blog post, he explains that the game tries to bring players back to scenarios and game modes they haven’t played recently.

However, the manager points out that Push, a modality that debuted in the sequel, has few maps compared to other game modes. That is why Colosseo, New Queen Street and Esperança are repeated more regularly. He hopes to mitigate this situation in the future with the debut of more scenarios and game modes.

But tell us, what do you think of this change? Do you think the experience will improve? Let us read you in the comments.

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