Aguas Andinas launched “Resilient City” in Minecraft to raise awareness about the drought

Through a virtual experience, the company Aguas Andinas launched the “Resilient City” project in Minecraft. We tell you everything you need to know here!

With the aim of making the next generations aware of the water problems that affect the world today, and especially the Metropolitan regionthe leading environmental services company in Argentina, Andean Watersthrew the “Resilient City” on a server Minecraft. All this with the main objective of involving and educating people about the megadrought and so that they can learn about the infrastructure works that allow them to face the effects of climate change.

This virtual experience takes us on a train journey through the different stations of the city. On this trip we will learn about the work that the company carried out, touring the reservoir Gypsumthe mega ponds of Pirquethe drinking water production plant The Vizcachasthe corporate building of Andean Waters and the biofactory, among other. The most interesting thing is that everything is done with the mechanisms of Minecraftin addition to the fact that the company decided to hide memes in various corners of the map.

“At Aguas Andinas we are aware that facing drought and the effects of climate change is everyone’s task. That is why we want to connect with different generations, especially the youngest, to amplify that message and make them become agents of change, since the climate emergency warrants it.”pointed out the Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager of Aguas Andinas, Claudia Contreras.

Currently in Argentina the province most affected by the drought is Santiago del Estero, which has been experiencing extreme drought for more than 14 years. In order to face this water shortage, the environmental services company redoubled its efforts to provide a safe supply of drinking water to have a more resilient city in the face of climatic events. With large investment works, the company managed to increase the autonomy of the service, reaching 37 hours to be able to face turbidity scenarios.

If you were interested in this proposal, you can know the Resilient City through your account Minecraft for free. You simply have to add the server by typing in the section that says IP adress and you will be able to enter without any problem.

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