Alejandro Corrales wins two Esland awards, the ‘Grammy’s’ of streaming

The renowned Spanish newspaper, Marca, cataloged the Tico as the “Walt Disney” of Minecraft, this after being part of several series such as “Saw Minecraft Games”, “Squid Craft Games” and “Dedsafío 2”, among others.


Alejandro Corrales, the young Costa Rican who started doing little things in Minecraft at just 14 years old, making public servers where people came to play, is recognized on a regional scale.

In the recent edition of the Esland Awards, he won two awards in the categories of best content miniseries and series of the year.

“I want to thank all the content creators who support us in everything we do (…) for me and for the entire team that is there, it is an honor to be here,” Corrales mentioned during his speech.

Alejandro Corrales wins two Esland awards, the 'Grammy's' of streaming

The Tico was nominated in both categories, since his company, Euphonia, was in charge of creating the content for both the “Squid Craft Games” series, the most watched in the history of Twitch, and “Dedsafío 2”.

Euphonia was created in April 2022 and its name is inspired by the “yellow-throated” bird genus. In addition to the fact that the word means “Symphony”.

The Esland Awards are the equivalent of the Grammy’s for content and streaming creators at the Hispanic American level, and the selection of their winners corresponded to a mixed decision by a jury and the voting carried out by millions of participants from the Hispanic gamer community and are organized by the renowned Spanish streamer TheGrefg.

The 2023 edition of the ESLAND awards took place within the framework of an extraordinary event that was hosted by TheGrefg. They also highlighted the presentations of artists such as Jhay Cortez and the presence of the renowned Ibai Llanos, among many other leaders of the scene. streamer.

Alejandro Corrales wins two Esland awards, the 'Grammy's' of streaming

The excellent work of Corrales has led to him being incorporated into the Tortillaland team (dedicated Minecraft server, with roleplay, administrative sanctions and daily missions). For Alejandro Corrales, the Squid Game Minecraft marks a before and after in his career: “Of course, especially since many people were able to see what we can create.”

Corrales believes that he can inspire many, “the best part of what I do is being able to test my ideas and my creativity, I’m sure many people dream of that,” he told E&N in an interview.

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