all new weapons and new Reality Augments

Fortnite is preparing his new Chapter 4 – Season 2and while the servers are still down after the update, it’s time to know and catch up with all the changes that we will find in this season, where the new Reality Augments and new weapons.

And it is that not everything is going to be getting used to new full map and its new locations, that also. Since many of the classic augmentations are gone, the new ones offer another gaming experience that must be mastered as soon as possible.

All new Reality Augments in Fortnite
  • stinky and profitable
    • When you leave a hideout, loot will spawn nearby. May occur once per hideout
  • Treasure hunter
    • Nearby chests are marked the first time you enter a point of interest
  • maximum high
    • You’ll find Rush Juice in every chest you open. If that chest already had Rush Juice, you’ll find an additional one!
  • swipe ammo
    • You get medium ammo when you glide
  • Medium Ammo Booster
    • Magazine size is increased on weapons that use medium ammo
  • shotgun recycling
    • Weapons that use shotgun ammo have a chance to not expend ammo
  • dignified ending
    • Eliminations will reset the recharge time of the Kinetic Blade Slash Slash

Reality Augments that hold

  • Fast hands
    • Weapons that use light ammo reload faster
  • extra bullet
    • Marksman Rifles gain 1 additional ammo slot in their magazine
  • Acrobat
    • You gain the ability to deploy the hang glider
  • splash everywhere
    • You receive a splash cannon
  • jellyfish
    • You receive a fishing rod. You can use it to fish anywhere, but you can only catch jellyfish.
  • Tracking
    • Enemies hit by your sniper rifle or arrows will be marked for a short time
  • shadow assault
    • You have a chance of finding Shadow Bombs in the containers you open
  • more parkour
    • Your energy regenerates briefly after climbing or jumping over an obstacle
  • Locksmith Degree
    • You get 2 keys to open Holocoffers
New weapons in Fortnite

new weapons fortnite chapter 4 season 2

  • Kinetic Sheet
    • Get one of these katanas and strike the majestic shock attack. Do you stop holding back? Have no mercy and attack with a devastating sliding cut. The Sliding Slash has three charges that trigger the cooldown after use.
  • Devastator Assault Rifle with Silencer
    • This weapon is silent, fully automatic, and highly accurate. Use it to give new meaning to the word “mega” – it doesn’t always have to refer to something flashy and brash, sometimes it’s something understated but brash (get the mythical version by defeating the Card boss).
  • Devastating Pump Shotgun
    • Do you prefer flashy and reckless? Rock it real brown with this devastating shotgun. (you will find the mythical version in the cameras that require the use of access cards).
  • Accelerated Pulse Rifle
    • You can get this new Mythic Pulse Rifle from… a point of interest with portals?

They return from the chamber or from season 1

  • heavy sniper rifle
  • Cobra Designated Marksman Rifle
  • Dragon’s Breath Marksman Rifle
  • combat shotgun
  • All stolen exotic weapons
  • Mastery Shotgun
  • red eye assault rifle
  • Dual Magazine Submachine Gun
  • tactical pistol
  • splash cannon

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