all players eliminated from the series (videos)

Minecraft Extreme It comes to the end of its first week, with a day of rest for this Sunday in which many will be focused on day 4 of the Kings League. The ideal time to review all players eliminated from the series by Auronplay.

The carnage began on the first day, which everyone thought would be chill while they set up their first shelter, and they met with the first 17 deathsin which someone was left with only one life for the rest of the series.

There was no time to relax, following her a death count did not stop: 23 on day 2, 20 on day 3, 13 on day 4 and 15 on day 5. For a total of 71 deaths and 10 players eliminated to Sunday, January 22.

All players eliminated from Minecraft Extreme and their latest deaths

1. JoaquinPA (Day 2)

2. 8eight (Day 3)

3. Josepo (Day 3)

4. Magnetized (Day 3)

5. Mixwell (Day 4)

6. Duck (Day 4)

7. Viruzz (Day 4) due to inactivity

8. Perxitaa (Day 5)

9. Carol (Day 5)

10. MissaSinfonía (Day 5)

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