All Raid bosses from January 2023

The raids in Pokémon GO in January 2023 they will bring us lots of opportunities to test our combat skills against all kinds of powerful Pokémon.

During the raidsthe coaches of Pokémon GO they can team up with other players to face a boss, the difficulty of which depends on the number of event stars. Players can complete them to earn rewards, including an encounter with said Pokémon.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the Pokémon GO Raids during January 2023.

What are the raids and how to access them?

The raids from Pokémon GO they are nothing more than an optional combat dynamic for the players. They occur when a Raid Boss invades a Gymand Trainers have a chance to defeat and capture it for special rewards.

Being a Raid, Trainers can team up in groups to complete this challenge, which will come in handy on higher difficulty levels. The Pokémon GO raids They are divided into four levels: 1-Star, 3-Star, 5-Star, and Mega Raids. Each of them presents a boss and an exclusive difficulty with respect to the others.

To participate in the raids from Pokémon GO you will need a raid passwhich you can earn daily by spinning the Photodisc of a Gym. Remote Raid Passes exist so you can play from anywhere, in case you can’t leave your house.

Knowing this, we will see the dates and heads of the different Pokémon GO Raids available at January 2022.

raids from Pokémon GO in January: 1 and 3 Stars

The raids 1 and 3 stars in Pokémon GO during January They already have new bosses confirmed. It is true that these fights can be easier, but they can still present a challenge if you are not prepared.

These are the confirmed bosses for the raids from 1 star to Pokémon GO:

  • bulbasaur with party hat
  • Charmander with party hat
  • Squirtle with party hat
  • Pikachu with party hat
  • Hoothoot with New Year’s Eve outfit

Below you will find the 3-star bosses of the raids from Pokémon GO in January 2023:

  • Raticate with party hat
  • Nidorino with party hat
  • Gengar with party hat
  • Wobbuffet with party hat

These raids have more variety of Pokémon to face and capture. That being said, it is possible that the 1 and 3 star bosses will change suddenly. In that case, we’ll be sure to let you know.

raids from Pokémon GO in January 2023: 5 stars

The raids 5 Star they will be much more challenging battles than the ones you have seen so far. However, they will also be a way to capture legendaries in Pokémon GO during January 2023.

In these adventures you can easily be defeated if you don’t know the Pokémon or if you risk it without enough partners. For this reason, we recommend you always pay attention to our guides to increase your probability of success.

These are all the confirmed 5-star bosses for January 2023:

  • Reshiram with Fusion Flame – From January 1 to 10
  • Zekrom with Fusion Lightning – January 10-18
  • Regice – From January 18 to 25
  • Tapu Koko – From January 25 to February 1

Pokémon GO boss raids

Mega Raids of Pokémon GO in January 2023

The Pokémon GO Mega Raids in January 2023 They will bring us a much greater challenge than the previous ones, since it has the Megaevlocuted forms of some Pokémon.

Mega Evolution is one of the tools that Trainers have available to power up their Pokémon since Generation 6. It is a temporary transformation that only a small number of Pokémon can acquire and use to boost their stats.

Facing these boosted Pokémon in Mega Raids will be another of your greats Pokémon GO challenges in January 2023:

  • Mega-Steelix – January 1-10
  • Mysterious Pokemon – January 10-18
  • Mega-Lopunny – From January 18 to 25
  • Mega-Aerodactyl – From January 25 to February 1

Pokémon GO boss raids

The Raid Hours in January

The Raid Hours in Pokémon GO are another way to capture the 5-star boss of January 2023.

In this case it is Reshiram, whom you can face in a 5-star Raid at any time. Raid Gym during Raid Time. These events are held every Wednesday from 6PM to 7PM in your country regardless of location.

There are some restrictions that apply to specific Raid Hours. Here are some tips shared by Niantic:

  • Make sure you’ve set your device to automatically detect the time zone you’re in.

  • Set the GPS settings to the highest possible precision to ensure that Pokémon GO can locate exactly where you are.

  • Make sure your internet connection is as strong as possible. We recommend that you disconnect from the Wi-Fi network so that your connection remains stable when you go for a walk.

  • The hours of raids usually include difficult bosses, so it is advisable to face them with a group of friends.

  • Check out the types of Pokémon in Raid Hour and prepare a Battle Team ahead of time to make sure your attacks are super effective and your Pokémon hold their own.

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