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the champions of League of Legends They receive changes at a constant rate. Riot Games is always playing damage or timidly changing how characters work. It is very rare that he decides to carry out great transformations. Even in those known as reworks, the company usually bets on playing as little as possible to upgrade a hero without stealing his hallmarks. The objective, almost always, is not to lose those mechanics that made it special. A good example is Udyr. All of his abilities were modified and adapted to the new times, but the result when playing is practically identical.

The problem is that the goal of making as few changes as possible is not always set. There are times that Riot Games considers that there is nowhere to take the old version of the champion. For example, Aurelion Sol won’t retain any of his mechanics when the rework is finally introduced. These heroes are, in a way, eliminated. His aesthetic, name, or theme may still be there, but it’s impossible to enjoy his old abilities or iconic mechanics. It is something that has happened very few times throughout the history of League of Legends and even less in recent times, but there are cases and we are here to collect them.

Keep in mind that the definition of eliminated champions is very subjective. We are going to include all those who have not kept any of their unique mechanics. We draw the line at “everything that’s changed more than Akali“, which even without having its old abilities follows very similar game patterns. The characters will be arranged only in alphabetical order, since they all have an interesting story.

Aatrox – A lesson for Riot Games

Aatrox Lol

The old Aatrox was based on basic attacks, while the new one relies only on his abilities

We started strong with what is still considered as Riot Games’ big mistake. He is perhaps the most unfairly changed character because he had a fairly large fan base and his issues weren’t as severe as other members of this list had. The developers simply used his body to introduce some super interesting mechanics. The problem is that they seemed to belong more to a new champion than to Aatrox himself.

League of Legends was forever changed upon its addition, and not just because we lost a character focused on basic attacks to receive one completely based on your skills. The developers acknowledge that after the criticism received from the community, they realized that the video game characters were not products that belonged to them beyond the legal terms and that there were many people who had developed a great affection for them. Since then they tend to be more sensitive to changes. Our theory is that this bug has had a noticeable effect on the future yuumi update.

Aurelion Sol – The Next Great Sacrifice

Aurelion Sol

After his rework, there will be nothing left of the old Aurelion Sol

He is the next to be eliminated, and he will also have an important role in the history of League of Legends. In this case, Riot Games makes the decision due to the low number of players using the character. Heroes always increase in popularity when a big rework is coming up, but even knowing that Aurelion Sol will change his spells forever in just a few weeks his election rate remains at 0.44%. We will have to play more than 200 games to find it just once.

The details of the rework have already been revealed and its operation will set a great precedent for Riot Games. The company has promised to carry out more full updates to the gameplay level in case things go well. As an additional note, you should know that the belief that Aurelion Sol has a large number of “one trick ponies” or players using it as the main character has been denied by the developers. In fact, this could be one of the reasons why they were finally encouraged to carry out such an ambitious update.

Galio – A very unexciting gargoyle

Galio Old Lol

Galio’s abilities were unfunny

Galio’s situation was similar to Aurelion Sol’s.. Hardly anyone played him as he was considered an unattractive hero with rather boring abilities. Maybe you don’t remember or you never saw it, but two of the character’s four spells were nearly identical. To top it off, the third of her four abilities was a cure that increased the resistances of the gargoyle and one of its allies. In the early years of League of Legends new champions were released every two weeks and this is one of the best examples of why it wasn’t a good idea.

It’s a shame, yes, to have lost his ultimate. Although the current version is great, the previous one was just as interesting. In it, Galio would channel an area around him for two seconds, charming all champions in the area for a final burst of devastating damage. It was difficult to use since it had little mobility, but when we used the ability well we could feel like gods on earth. Too bad it only happened one in ten games…

Graves – A change difficult to explain

serious lol

Graves left bot lane forever

Along with the Aatrox rework, this was perhaps the most gratuitous change of all. The main problem with the old Graves is that the gameplay did not fit with the character design. He also didn’t have a unique role in the game after Lucian’s arrival and was absurdly difficult to balance. When he did not know the most resounding of successes he was condemned to the most absolute mediocrity.

It must be said that Riot Games kept some hallmarks in the general aspects of its skill kit. However, the tweaks his new shotgun-shaped basics received doomed him in the bot lane. Perhaps it is the most brought with tweezers case of all those that we have chosen, but we wanted to think of all those League of Legends players who used Graves and already they could not re-buff it in its position.

Mordekaiser – The True “Old League of Legends”

Mordekaiser Lol

Bad “shield management”

The first changes to Mordekaiser took place in a time when League of Legends was much less developed so you didn’t need great reasons to completely destroy a champion. It was just underplayed and they had an idea that they thought would improve the original. Thus, they made him go from magician to colossus at the end of the fifth season. The result, as can be guessed after receiving a second rework, was completely disastrous.

Do you remember that ability in which the champion was able to finish off his enemies with a single basic or use the Dragon as a pet? Mordekaiser is the only League of Legends champion to have the honor of having two versions removed instead of one. It is true that Ryze has experienced something like this, but the smurf always kept at least some of his identity signs after the updates.

Sion – The worst champion in the history of the game

Zion LoL

Old Zion had very little zombie

The old version of Zion was probably the champion with less identity of League of Legends. A zombie capable of stunning enemies just by looking at them, who would put on a shield and could steal a lot of life. Nothing quite clicked for him and he was probably the character who needed a fresh start the most. He barely had fans and his changes came in 2014so there are not many players left who miss him.

Since then it has remained one of the most balanced characters in the game and is considered a fair matchup by most players. Almost every piece of your kit arrives with a counterpart. His ult leaves us in a bad position if enemies dodge it, the Q (Destroying Strike) deals a lot of damage but requires a long channel… In general it is super well measured in everything he does. In addition, the passive is wonderful in terms of theme. Old Sion was more like a vampire, but this one is a real zombie.

Urgot – The least played champion of all

Old Urgot Lol

Riot Games?

urgot was the least popular champion in League of Legends history and with a wide difference. The character couldn’t find his role in the game due to a strange skill kit that only made him useful in certain situations. He was born doomed by his ultimate, which suppressed rivals in order to trade positions with them. It is a very good ult that we can even consider too powerful, but that does not fit at all on a character used in the marksman position.

Riot Games wasn’t quick to pull off its rework, and in this case, it made some sense to remove it since there were only a handful of players using it. In fact, it was only considered a loss for URF, where his ability to launch projectiles constantly made him one of the most powerful characters in the entire game mode. Curiously, he was so forgotten that he is now the most missed by many players.

Yorick – A character made in three days

Yorick Lol

Riot Games made Yorick mean on purpose

Let’s start from the base that three of Yorick’s four abilities did almost the same thing: summon a ghost that hit enemies. It is true that each one of them had an effect (more damage, slowdown or life steal) but when it came to playing it was very boring. It is true that he had a useful ultimate that could create a clone of an ally and, in the event that the selected partner died, resurrect him for ten seconds. However, it was something very situational.

Also, the ultimate had a large number of bugs. Riot Games confessed to having given up on making improvements that would increase the popularity of the old Yorick due to the problematic interactions of the ultimate, which could literally break servers. These improvements, yes, were not in terms of power. The League of Legends developers telling this story were referring to making it more fun or increasing the quality of life. Oh, as an additional detail. Do you remember what we said about how League of Legends used to release a champion every two weeks? Well, old Yorick broke records and was created in three days.

We have considered the option of including characters such as ryze, Fiora, akali either Warwick. However, it did not seem to us that they were such radical changes. We insist that there is a lot of subjectivity here and that it is normal if we think differently. Probably if any of the four mentioned had been my favorite champion when the changes were made to him, I would also think that they have been deleted from League of Legends.

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