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  • Denkun promises to be a solution to scalability and cost reduction on Ethereum.
  • The significant increase in ETH stake reflects confidence in the platform.

A renowned cryptocurrency analyst, known in the digital sphere as Altcoin Sherpa, has shared with his over 209,800 followers on the social media platform Canine Memes. According to the expert, DOGE could experience an astronomical increase, exceeding 6 times its current value, possibly reaching the limit of 1, especially with the support of tycoon Elon Musk, who is the founder of this memecoin. One of the biggest promoters.

Elon Musk’s influence on Dogecoin

Musk’s association with DOGE, along with the expectation that it could one day be integrated as a payment method on X, has been a significant factor in the coin’s significant price rise. However, Altcoin Sherpa cautioned about the uncertainty in the time it will take for this prediction to come true, suggesting it could be anywhere from now to six months from now.

DOGE Investment Opportunities and Risks

The trader expressed his thoughts on the matter, highlighting DOGE’s unique position in the market: “I think it’ll do something stupid, like go above $1. He’s got a lot of support from Elon and he’s still the king of memes. When will that happen? I don’t know. It could be now or in six months Given the market cap, it won’t deliver the same returns as in 2021. In my opinion, it’s a relatively safe operation; I think the chances of it earning multiple times its carrying value are quite high.

Altcoin Sherpa also questions whether investing in DOGE can offer a better risk-reward ratio than other cryptocurrencies like SOL, leaving the decision up to the risk appetite of each investor.

Key Resistance Levels for DOGE

Furthermore, the analyst is closely monitoring whether DOGE manages to turn two important resistance levels, 0.20 and 0.35, into support, which would be a strong indicator of its bullish stance. β€œIn my opinion, the graph looks excellent. It remained stable for 650 days and then increased rapidly. β€œ$0.20 and $0.35 are the next areas of interest.”

Speculation about Dogecoin and its potential growth supported by figures like Elon Musk creates high expectations in the cryptocurrency community. Although the path to 1 is uncertain and may not repeat the impressive returns of 2021, Altcoin Sherpa’s outlook suggests that DOGE remains a relatively safe bet in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, especially for those who know the future risk curve. Willing to install.

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