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If you use TLauncher frequently, you may have read news that this popular launcher could contain malware. So far no one has definitively confirmed it, however, many researchers, analyzing the operation of the TLauncher installer, have found suspicious behavior. To keep your computer safe from malware, we want to bring you free, open source alternatives available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What happens with TLauncher?

As we say, TLauncher has been involved in a major controversy for months. The accusations against this launcher are so serious that we already collected part of the evidence in an article in which we addressed the security of the Minecraft launcher. The truth is that, although nothing happens when analyzing it with common antivirus tools, it has been verified on several occasions that TLauncher behaves suspiciously. For example, it modifies system registries to be able to run at all times, continually deletes and creates installation folders, and accesses dubious domains to download new versions.

All of this has led many researchers to believe that the company behind TLauncher is taking advantage of its popularity to distribute malware, specifically spyware, on its users’ computers.

What is MultiMC?

MultiMC is a free and open source alternative launcher for Minecraft. That is, it is a tool with which to open the Minecraft game on our computer. Within its special features, it allows you to have multiple instances of Minecraft, each with its own mods, resource packs, and saved games, and allows you to easily manage them through the user interface.

Screenshot of MultiMC.

Being open source, the chances of MultiMC hiding malware or downloading it remotely are more limited, which is why it seems like an alternative to TLauncher to consider.

Screenshot of MultiMC managing Minecraft mods.

As if avoiding the installation of malware were not enough, MultiMC offers us the following functions:

  • Manage multiple instances of Minecraft.
  • Available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Support to run old versions.
  • Greater control over the configuration and execution parameters of Java.
  • Easy installation.
  • Ability to import and export Minecraft instances.
  • Ability to import mod packs from multiple platforms.
  • Lightweight execution, especially important on teams with few resources.

How to download MultiMC to run Minecraft.

You can download MultiMC for your computer from the official website of the project that we leave below for free. Within the “Download & Install” section you can find the installer for Windows, macOS and Linux. If you prefer, you can find the source code of the project on Github that you can compile by yourself (Advanced users only since it also requires the use of API keys).

Keep in mind that, in order to use MultiMC as a Minecraft launcher, it is necessary that you have already purchased the game, since you will have to log in with your Microsoft account in order to play.

How to use MultiMC to run Minecraft offline without paying for the game.

If what you want is to avoid installing malware on your computer but still enjoy the options offered by MultiMC, the truth is that the best option is to pay for the original game. Minecraft is a great bait that many criminals use to spread malware, which is also the case with many other popular apps like Photoshop or Microsoft Word.

If you want to risk unintentionally installing malware, there are repositories like the one below that crack MultiMC to remove the restriction on using a Microsoft account. This is quite easy since MultiMC publishes its code, however it is not without risk.

GitHub – PibePlayer/MultiMC5-Cracked: Cracked MultiMC launcher. Not related to original developers

Cracked MultiMC launcher. Not related to original developers – GitHub – PibePlayer/MultiMC5-Cracked: Cracked MultiMC launcher. Not related to original developers

How to play Minecraft for free and without installing anything.

If you just want to break a few blocks and enjoy the Minecraft experience casually, it might not be worth the risk of installing malware on your computer or paying for the game. Fortunately there is an alternative, Minecraft Classic, or what is the same, an official Minecraft that runs directly from our browser.

Minecraft Classic screenshot.

Although we have talked about Minecraft Classic in a specific article, we can summarize it by saying that it is a limited version of the game, with just 32 different blocks at our disposal. The advantage of not having to install anything is that we can use it on any computer that has a browser and an Internet connection. You will not need to register or an account, just access the website that we leave you below and start playing.

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