America started talks after Alvaro Fidalgo’s proposals

ESPN understands that the Americas board has entered the stage of negotiations over the possible transfer of the 26-year-old Spanish midfielder.

alvaro fidalgo became one of the most prominent elements in the title he achieved America And with the Apertura 2023 in sight, the Azulcrema team has started to talk with some teams about the future of the Spanish midfielder.

espn It is known that the leadership of Águilas has not only been inquired about Fidalgo’s contractual situation by some European teams, but that the interest has exceeded and they have entered the phase of negotiations for a possible transfer.

fidalgo He has become one of the football players that has got the most people talking in recent times, as he has aroused the interest of some European teams and the board is unlikely to have the player leave.

The ‘8’ shirt has become one of the most favorite elements by the fans and the club does not rule out possible departures, despite the fact that the transfer market closes on January 31.

technician andre jardin It has been made clear that the club will not close its doors to any player and that this will happen as long as “they are happy”, but it is also believed that, if there is an offer, it would not only benefit the player. Should be, but the team itself. Copaa.

The specialized portal TransferMarket has rated fidalgo At $8.7 million, this figure is not easy to reach for all LaLiga teams or even other European leagues.

fidalgo He was a starter in Azulcrema’s last match at the Azteca Stadium and had a good participation, providing an assist on the goal in a 2–0 win. queretaro,

Negotiations move forward for Brian

Meanwhile, in front of the exit door, another element is Uruguayan brian rodriguezwhoever wants fiorentina from Italy.

brian He experienced his best tournament in the Apertura 2023 and it was enough for the Viola team to send a preliminary offer to Águilas.

This portal knows that “negotiations are progressing” and it is not ruled out that they could be closed with the transfer of the footballer to Serie A.

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