America vs. Chivas: Aguilas suffer, but survive in ConcaChampions

America vs. Chivas: Aguilas suffer, but survive in ConcaChampions

The U.S. bowed out to Chivas at home, but won 5–3 on aggregate and secured a ticket to the next round of the CONCACAF competition.

Mexico – the America finished and wiped out Shivaj in the 16th round of Champions Cup, team of andre jardin They suffered a heavy loss against a red and white team that edged them out, winning 3–2 at the Azteca Stadium, but it was not enough, as they lost 5–3 on aggregate.

Shivaj They started with more enthusiasm and determination because of the urgency to quickly achieve something that would bring them closer to electronics. An important action took place in the first minutes Fernando GonzalezWho fired a shot from mid-range and rattled the crossbar of the local goalkeeper angel malagon,

There are barely 12 minutes left on the clock, Shivaj Got the first goal after alan mojo He recovered the ball and crossed when the cade cowellWho finished with a header to bring Flock close.

caused the goal Shivaj They will gain confidence and display intense football that will put the Azulcrema team on alert. During the first 20 minutes, he made four dangerous movements, one of which AmericaWhich was through Henry Martin.

America arrived at rival territory with little success, while Guadalajara It appeared to be a painting with clearly offensive intentions. In free kick, Ricardo Marin He won from above and hit a header to beat Malagon And put another goal on the scoreboard with plenty of time left to play. technician andre jardin And his people started getting very nervous.

hopes and dreams of Shivaj It looked like the collapse would happen early in the second half Henry Martin He circled, walked towards the area and gave way Julian Quinones, Allan Mojo looked to try to stop the action, but unfortunately he sent the ball straight into his own goal. An own goal put Rabano in trouble again with the obligation to score two more goals to advance to the next round.

America He took control of the match and served into Israel Reyes’ attack from the right side. Henry MartinGoalkeeper Whaley saved the ‘bomb’ shot, but it was up for the rebound diego valdesChile conceded defeat Alejandro ZendejasWho scored brilliantly and put Capital’s fifth goal on the overall scoreboard.

The visiting team continued to fight and after two minutes they scored with a header. Roberto Alvarado, 2-3 in Flock’s favor once again brought them within two goals of achieving the feat.

There was very little football in the last minutes of the match. Both teams engaged in a furious game with irregular movements and passion. there wasn’t enough time Shivaj And lost against its biggest sporting rival.

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