Amid Chavista harassment, two candidates confirm their registration for the presidential elections

Headquarters of the National Electoral Council in Caracas (EFE/Reiner Peña R.)

Amidst uncertainty regarding the opposition’s candidature Maria Corina Machadodisqualified from holding public office, Opened on Thursday in Venezuela Candidate Registration Process For the presidential elections on July 28, and already two candidates are registered: luis eduardo martinez And Daniel Ceballos.

dictator for now Nicolas Maduro He is the only candidate whose presence in the elections seems certain. The president was announced as the candidate of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) on 16 March.

Maduro took over as interim president in March 2013 following the death of his mentor Hugo Chávez, but just a month later he was elected in elections for the 2013–2019 period and again for another term in controversial elections in 2018. Those selected from were unknown. The opposition and foreign governments, including the United States, considered him a traitor. His term expires in early 2025.

The remaining candidates, who have till March 25 to register electronically, will have to wait to see if their application is accepted. National Election Council (CNE), in charge of organizing national, state and municipal elections in the country.

Venezuelan deputy Luis Eduardo Martínez (C), in an archive photo (EFE/Mario Caicedo)

The Venezuelan Constitution contemplates five powers of the state, including the electoral power in which allies of the ruling party have been in the majority for more than two decades.

luis eduardo martinez And Daniel CeballosRepresenting the Democratic Action Party (AD) and the Popular Will (VP), he became the first person to file his candidacy for the presidential election. The registration certificates of both were handed over to CNE.

The AD and VP are now led by opposition dissidents, after the Supreme Court, controlled by the ruling party, gave them parties’ addresses, symbols, colors and cards. In addition to these two major opposition forces, there are other minority political organizations and the Communist Party of Venezuela, which is the oldest in the country.

Shortly afterwards, the new leadership of the Communist Party formalized its support for Maduro’s candidacy before the electoral authority. The Podemos party, one of 10 members of a coalition of leftist parties, was called great patriotic pole, He also registered his support for the President.

It is expected that Machado’s registration will exceed that of the winner of the opposition primaries. 90% votesHappen Blocked by the automated system of the election authority And it is unclear whether the political organizations he represents will have enough time to appeal the decision due to the busy election calendar.

Despite Machado’s 15-year disqualification from holding public office, the 56-year-old industrial engineer has not stopped touring the country to promote his candidacy, while the Attorney General’s Office has ordered the arrest of several opponents, including Their campaign heads and authorities are also included. The Hand Man, for his alleged links to a conspiracy to destabilize the government.

Former Venezuelan mayor Daniel Ceballos, in an archive photo (EFE/Cristian Hernandez)

In Venezuela, political disqualification is a subsidiary penalty that is imposed upon receipt of a final judicial decision., Critics of Chávez and Maduro, including Machado, denounced that disqualification has been used as a political weapon for years. There is no judicial punishment against the former MLA.

Machado has promised that he will take the right decision at the appropriate time amid pressure from local and international leaders, who have asked him to formalize his resignation from candidacy and offer their support for a replacement.

“Everything indicates that there will indeed be a replacement of candidates, that is, there is no other way to face the situation of a presidential election if the opposition does not decide on a possible alternative because only one is chosen and, if he Ultimately, even after his disqualification, he is left with no political option,” he told the agency. AP political scientist John Magdaleno, director and founder of the public affairs consultancy Polity. “I think the opposition leadership is aware of this.”

“The opposition is going through several options that can be registered together with the understanding that one of them will ultimately be the candidate for whom voting will be called,” said the head of the Venezuelan Society of Political Consultants.

Benigno Alarcon, a political scientist and professor at the Andrés Bello Catholic University of Caracas, said AP That “it is not an election proper, it is just a formality being followed to say that the election was conducted without fulfilling the minimum conditions required for a free, fair and competitive election.”

He said that “Obviously the government’s main concern here is to get the opposition candidate elected in the primaries out of the way and to reduce any time for continuing debate on his qualifications.”

For years international observer missions have condemned this Irregularities which affect equality of conditions for competition in Venezuelan electoral processes, such as the disqualification of opposition candidates, the use of state resources in campaigns, and unequal access to the media.

(With information from AP)

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