Among Us VR new map and delays for PlayStation VR2

There is a positive part and another negative about what Among Us VR continue in development, and in the event that we are waiting the PlayStation VR2 version this new we are not going to like italthough not everything has to be bad news, so I will tell you a little about official announcement that the company Schell Games has made.

We will have a new map in Among Us VR and for now we know it will be based on the planet Polus in which we can select up to 3 levels different: Polus Mines, Polus Frontier and Polus Point. It has also been confirmed that this update will include customization options for the room Standbywhich will allow players adjust specific details of their games.

These options include: enable or disable taskshands and voice chat, change the number of impostorsemergency meetings and long assignments, and alter cooldown duration of murder. In total all settings would amount to more than 9 billion configurations personalized.

All this it will come from fablesince the game has been a total sales success since its launch and with these improvements the game will continue to grow maintaining a healthy and active community.

The arrival of Among Us on PlayStation VR2 is delayed

However, Among Us VR will not be a launch title for the new PlayStation VR2 viewer. Although it had been confirmed previously that it would be available at the launch of the Sony viewer, for the moment there are no more details about the release date.

In this trailer we can see the update of all this from the developers, in addition to the fact that invite us to participate in your Discord where we can help you to debug the new functions much more and adapt them to all users of the game.

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