Among Us would collaborate with Destiny 2 skins

There are already new Among Us skins on the way. Innersloth leaked an image that he left players thinking.

A new collaboration is coming in among us. There are several clues that users have been analyzing as if they were Sherlock Holmes. Most of the fans pointed out that destiny 2 would be the game in question.

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Collaboration between games often results in the best of both worlds for gamers. Games like Fortnite and Overwatch have made the most of and reaped the benefits of collaboration. With Fortnite importing incredible amounts of pop culture into its game, it’s not uncommon to see Goku and Naruto pair up with Marvel’s evil Thanos for that victory royale.

Among Us is the indie hit that came out of nowhere in 2020 and has become a worldwide phenomenon. As such, it has gained enormous traction and popularity as a game, with the developers at Innersloth collaborating with Riot Games on cosmetics from their Arcane series.

It looks like Bungie is next in the skin line with Among Us, as the game’s Twitter account has recently hinted at its new cosmetics.

Several clues point towards Destiny 2 as the next franchise to appear in the world of Among Us. The Twitter post has several references that point directly to Destiny 2 terms. “Fireteam” is a reference to Destiny 2’s party system, where instead of a party, the game calls them a fireteam.

Additionally, the post directly quotes Destiny’s “eyes up” line. The “eyes up, Guardian” line is one of the first things players hear upon launching Destiny. This makes it arguably the most iconic line in the franchise.

destiny 2 among us skins

From the image that the Twitter post shows us, we are shown shadows or outlines of possible cosmetics. Much like Riot’s Arcane collaboration, the Destiny 2 collaboration will likely feature several notable characters from the series itself.

It seems that we will receive 6 character skins. Two of them appear to be Osiris and Saint-14 due to their distinctive caps. Unfortunately, we won’t know much more about which other characters will receive their cosmetics until more information is released.

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