An Overwatch 2 dev explains why there are such unfair matchups

It is one of the great criticisms that this second installment is receiving.

An Overwatch 2 dev explains why there are such unfair matchups
Junker Queen is one of the new characters in Overwatch 2

With a fairly recent release last October, Overwatch 2 came as the sequel and replacement of the original title that united several original Blizzard heroes and villains in a multiplayer that even managed to win the 2016 GOTY. However, despite the fact that it had quite good base material, the truth is that the title was released to mixed reviewswhich has not prevented it from being a real success, since after its launch Overwatch 2 had 35 million players and with a season 3 of which we have already seen its trailer.

Now, it should be noted that one of the great criticisms of Overwatch 2 comes from its pairings, which have been classified as unfair to lower ranked playerssince these are usually seen with other more experts who simply beat them up, which has led the development team to work on this problem, although quite late if we take into account that this bug was already present in the beta.

Overwatch 2 continues to have matchmaking issues

Given this, the game director himself, Aaron Keller, has announced that a couple of updates will fix various issues present in Overwatch 2, but when asked about unfair player pairings, he pointed out that this is a very difficult problem to solve. And this is all because lower ranked players have a much wider range of skill levels within this group.

Therefore, it seems that according to Keller everything is due to a Overwatch 2 matchmaking software setup issuebeing so that the updates of February 27 and 28 should be solving at least to a large extent, although time will tell how long it will take Blizzard to correct these bugs and make changes as they are doing with some characters.

For the rest, it only remains to remember that today Overwatch 2 is one of those titles that can be played on most existing platformsthereby giving rise to the Activision Blizzard multiplayer title being able to be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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