An unidentified pickup truck arrived in the area to confront the Toyota and Ford

This is a pickup truck that isn’t very famous in these parts. Of Asian origin, it has serious intentions to fight the benchmarks and is also offered in an electric version.

An unidentified pickup truck arrived in the area to confront the Toyota and Ford

Raise The one in question is, in fact, practically unknown in the countries of this southern part of the continent. Only countries like Chile and Uruguay may know what it is, as they are more open markets for this type of extra-territorial vehicles, especially those imported from Asia.

We are not talking about any Japanese or Korean automotive terminal, but about one A China that took its first steps on these lands in 2013It has maintained good sales levels thanks to its SUV and commercial range, which includes vans, vans, minitrucks and heavy trucks.

Although the most famous models in the pickup segment are those of European, American and Japanese brands, it is true that for some time now Chinese automotive companies have presented proposals for this popular and essential segment in the markets of our continent and the regions of Asia. and Oceania.


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That is why this note is in possession of the brand. maxus And its T90 model, It is a mid-size pickup that was launched in these countries in 2021 and it competes perfectly in the segment where the Toyota Hilux and Tacoma, Ford Ranger or the Chevrolet S10 and Colorado participate.

Maxus T90, an Asian pickup with serious intentions

Maxus T90 currently manufactured China and Thailand and is part of a catalog of models aimed at off-road, commercial and family use. The terminal belongs to the giant SAIC Group, which also has a agreement with gm, which led to models like Onyx and Tracker appearing in our region. The interior photo shows…

Regarding its dimensions, the T90 is Total length 5.36 metersMeasuring 1.90 meters wide and 1.80 meters high, that combined with a wheelbase of 3.15 meters gives this pickup a significant presence that announces its potential. Weight of 1.2 tonnes.


The variant of this pickup that attracts the most attention is T90 EVThat means electric option. With a state-of-the-art system that develops 177 hp (130 kW) and maximum torque of 310 Nm, It has a lithium battery pack and its capacity is 88.5 kWh. Regarding traction, in this case it is only the rear.

Being a very special edition and not available in abundance in this part of the American market, the truth is that the Maxus T90 is also marketed with one engine. 2.0 diesel Which is offered with one or two turbos and powers between 163 and 218 hp. In this case, the gearbox is a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic and offers 4×4 traction with high and low in addition to the ordinary 4×2.

If we talk about the capabilities offered by electrified motorization according to its technical sheet With an autonomy of 400 kilometersWhile the estimated time to recharge up to 80% using household input is around 10 hours.


As far as equipment, in terms of safety, this pickup has Six airbags, four-disc ABS brakes, traction and stability control And fog lights. The truth is that in other markets there are versions that include some ADAS as standard.

If we focus on comfort, it includes electric mirrors, light and rain sensors, leather upholstery, on-board computer, 10-inch multimedia center with Apple CarPlay connection, multifunction steering wheel with height adjustment and reversing camera as the main highlights. Are. price? The range starts at $25,000.

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