Ana de Armas at Marvel? Unexpected film may be on the way

Last year, Sony Pictures surprised everyone by announcing a new feature film featuring El Muerto, a Marvel character recently created as Spider-Man’s villain. However, the surprises do not cease. Marvel and Sony want to have Ana de Armas in the feature, according to ScreenGeek.

The information, initially released by Variety, confirmed that Bad Bunny will play the title character. Now, the singer, who topped the charts with his album A Summer Without Youwill be joined by Ana de Armas, whose role has not been revealed.

It is noteworthy that the actress has not yet closed with the studios, but her name is a priority in the production of El Muerto. Production is expected to begin soon, as it is set to premiere on January 12, 2024.

The feature will follow the formula of Sony Pictures, which maintains a franchise with Spider-Man villains. Until now, venom It is Morbius had their solo films in theaters. Still this year, Kraven the Hunterwith Aaron Taylor-Johnson, will make his debut.

Ana de Armas: From Oscar to Marvel

Few people have grown more in Hollywood than Ana de Armas in recent years. After your participation in war dogsfrom 2016, in Blade Runner 2049from 2017, and Between Knives and Secrets2019, the Cuban actress took a leap in her career.

Ana de Armas played the Bond girl Paloma in 007 – No Time to Die and was nominated for a 2023 Academy Award for her performance as Marilyn Monroe in the feature Blondie, from Netflix. The actress will star Ballet dancera derivative of John Wick.

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