Ancient Dungeon, the perfect union between Minecraft and Diablo?

Ancient Dungeon is a Roguelite game, where we will play the role of an adventurer who must explore the legendary dungeons full of treasures and traps in equal measure. Is this game worth it, or will it end up added to the list of the same ones that go through VR without penalty or glory?

An indie proposal with a not very particular style

Ancient Dungeon started out as a beta on Sidequest and Applab. It is clearly inspired by Minecraft, from the menu we already see where their intentions are going. But unlike Minecraft, here we will not be able to craft or destroy the environment, except for shelves, furniture and some other decorative element. And when it comes to playing, the influence of games like Angband or Diablo is very noticeable, which by the way is already running its last part on the networks.

The observer will be watching us, always.

Ancient Dungeon does not surprise in weapons but it does in PowerUps

Ancient Dungeon appeals to a simple gameplay, which does not mean that it is minimal, throughout the game we will find different PowerUps that create unique game experiences, from having a sword that can cause explosions, like an entity anchored to our wrist that It will help in combat.

Ancient dungeon brings us a great list of powerups

Boxy but varied enemies in Ancient Dungeon

The game style will remind us and not very vaguely of the bestiary that populates Minecraft, we will have opponents in the form of plants, skeletons or zombies. Also final bosses and surprises that sometimes it is better not to have found them. Enemies will evolve into more deadly forms than Pokemon, so don’t trust their appearance in the later levels.

Many and varied enemies

Fight, die, upgrade and repeat

As we have previously commented, Ancient Dungeon is a roguelite, and the truth is that in that aspect it does not do badly. The short games are what make the game dynamic, and being able to transfer part of the rewards to subsequent games is what invites us to continue playing successive times.

In each game we will become more lethal

Ancient Dungeon is a Roguelite, yes, but with a story.

Although all roguelites can be similar to Groundhog Day (a Bill Murray movie, by the way), in this game we will find diaries from previous adventurers, which will invite us to continue exploring the dungeon to learn about the different stories of the souls that perished there. .

Not everyone wants to go down to Ancient Dungeon

Have you been wanting more?

If you want to know what Ancient Dungeon looks like and if it’s worth buying, you have this video that may be very interesting for you, see you there!

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