Announced next week’s free game on the Epic Store

Epic Games has announced next week’s free game, while two titles (well, a game and a content pack for a free to play) are fully available free right now.

Every week, through the Epic Games Store, the creators of Fortnite and Unreal Engine give away one or two games from their PC catalog for all users.

This week, and until Thursday March 30that 5:00 p.m. peninsular time, they give away ChessUltra and World of Warships – Starter Pack.

Next week, from March 30 to April 6they will give away Tunche.

As always, once you claim them you will keep them forever, you can download them whenever you want. But you must claim it during that week. Every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. the rotation of games that they give away for free changes.

Epic Games has been running this promotion for years. In 2022 they gave away 99 games in this way, for $2,200 valuewhich were downloaded 700 million times.

Chess Ultra and World of Warships now available for free on the Epic Games Store

From today Thursday you can get free ChessUltrawhich as its name indicates, is a game of chess“the most amazing ever created”, with stunning 4K graphics, virtual reality and elaborate animations when eating the tiles.

Chess Ultra has online mode without interruptionswith modes like Classic, Blitz or Marathon, official tournaments from the developer Ripstone, and an AI approved by chess experts.

On the other hand, if you want to get started in the MMO free to play World of Waships you can get a Starter Pack which includes the Tier IV Japanese battleship Ishizuchi, plus 11 Epic camouflages, 11 economic bonuses, port space, and 5 reward containers. Its value is €19.30.

Tunche, next week’s free Epic Store game

Next week, the free game will be Tunche, developed by Leap Game Studios, a studio from Lima, Peru, set in the Amazon jungle.

This colorful adventure is a game of action roguelike for a single player, in which we have to explore the Amazon helping Rumi and his friends to stop a creature, Tunche, who has gone mad… but what is behind his actions?

How to download free games on the Epic Games Store

Downloading these free games for PC is very simple. You simply have to enter the Epic Games Store. Then log in and go down, on the main page, to the free games section.

There you can see the game that they are giving away for free that week. Click on them and hit Obtain.

It will be as if you bought them, but at zero euros: then you can download them whenever you want, you keep them forever. But you must do it before 17:00 CET every Thursday, which is when the games in promotion change.

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