Aquaman 2: This star of the film was also disappointed

It’s not just Amber Heard who was disappointed with the fate reserved for her in the second part of Aquaman. Another star of the film also expressed disappointment over the reshoots and his role in the film.

Amber Heard’s appearance at the center of criticism

we can’t say that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom A real breakthrough in cinema. Even before it was released in theaters, the film directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa seemed to be announced failure to dc, In question, multiple production delays, release dates are changing but so is Amber Heard’s appearance, which has divided fans. many have Called for boycott of the film Because of the presence of the actress. But the importance of her character Meera has been reduced considerably in the film.

suffered the “failure” ofaquaman 2Said Amber Heard, which has grossed just over $378 million worldwide to date. A few days ago he expressed his views on Instagram. according to him, Several scenes where he appeared were cut during editing, , They basically took a big part of my role and deleted it », writes the actress who also criticizes several revisions of the script.

aquaman 2 : Dolph Lundgren criticizes production choices

The fallen actress is not alone in criticizing different versions of the scenario. Recently, it is dolph lundgren Who in turn condemned the production of the film. in the column of comic book (Via screen bounce), star of rocky 4 and of Expendable Items: Special Unit informed of His disappointment with the final version put out by the studio, According to him, the director’s cut is better, but it is not the one that airs in theatres.

Dolph Lundgren – Aquaman 2 ©Warner Bros.
Dolph Lundgren – Aquaman 2 ©Warner Bros.

Then he talks about Amber Heard’s cumming scenes impact on one’s roleThat of King Nereus:

I just realized that it was a decision from the higher ups that they were trying to limit Amber Heard’s presence, and since I was playing her father I accepted it. I was just disappointed for the audience, because I thought the original script was great and the original cut – I saw a little bit of it – was really good, so I saw no reason to start shooting again and reshape the story. Which obviously caused disappointment not only to me but also to the fans.

for the moment, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Grossed over $378 million at the worldwide box office. he does better than that shine and could Limit damage to 400 million,

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