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Find out all the details about the release date, which champions appear and more curiosities of the LoL series.

It took six years from when the idea got the green light until the first chapter was released, but every second was worth it. Although Arcane It took a long time to start, since it premiered on Netflix all the views were on when the next episode would arrive. series of League of Legends It is one of the greatest exponents of what the video game can contribute to television. An almost round adaptation that has confirmed a Season 2 that should be released soon. That tells us the reason and that is what the few clues revealed by Riot Games point to.

Arcane Season 2 Release Date

The million dollar question about Season 2 is related to the release date. Riot Games confirmed after the broadcast of the last chapter that the series would have “multiple seasons”. However, from the company they only made two clarifications that did not offer much information. HE warned fans that there would be at least a year off and that it would not be ready by the end of 2022. Also, as a joke, it was mentioned as “good news” that the six years that had to wait from its conception to the premiere would not take long to develop.

Technically, we can only say for sure that Arcane Season 2 will premiere between 2023 and 2026. However, you will not have come here to be satisfied with that answer. The first season of Arcane took so long to develop because the series was on the brink of cancellation. The first attempt took much of the time and ended with the series on the brink of cancellation. The second started sometime in 2018starting almost from scratch after the launch of other projects of the company.

That was the date key hires for the project were made, suggesting a effective development cycle less than three years. Considering that starting a series is particularly challenging and that Arcane Season 2 production began before the first premiered, It is expected that the terms will be shortened substantially. This inevitably leads us to a first appointed date for which we would hope to be able to enjoy episode 2×01: the final months of 2023.

Arcane in 2023?

Our prediction is based on the story of Riot Games and others educated guesses we’ve formed by thoroughly studying the history of the series. If the premiere of Season 2 of Arcane is confirmed this 2023, it should not arrive until End of the year. These dates are particularly interesting for the developer due to the League of Legends calendar. They allow the world video game championship to be used as a showcase and add playable news related to the Netflix series to the title.

To all that has been said so far, we add the fact that 2023 is the year in which League of Legends will have the largest budget in its history and that Riot Games has big plans for the game’s lore that will be revealed over the next few months. In this sense everything fits us. In the worst case we assume that Arcane Season 2 will go away sometime in 2024, although we would put our hands on fire that this does not fall within the predictions for the series.

Mechanics like Hextech Portals came to League of Legends thanks to Arcane, and the end of the year is the best time to add them

Where will Arcane Season 2 air?

Riot and Netflix will continue together for the broadcast of Season 2 of Arcane. Both companies have confirmed this on numerous occasions. It is to be hoped that he will ratify it again in a few months when, if we have hit the date, the promotional campaign will begin. Ahead of the original launch of the series, the first revelations occurred in May 2021. From that moment on, a constant trickle of information began that lasted for just over four months.

Knowing if the play will be repeated this year is somewhat more complicated. Netflix is ​​going through a crisis due to the change of policies regarding shared accounts and that could cause the company’s promotional plans to be modified. However, if the Season 2 premiere finally takes place during this 2023, we should know something more in the coming months. If there is no news at the beginning of the summer, we will begin to lose faith…

What will Arcane Season 2 be about?

Riot Games has not given any clues about the plot of the second season. The only thing we know for sure is that further develop the relationship between Vi and Caitlyn. This, in addition to being grateful for being one of the fan-favorite couples, invites us to think that we will stay in Piltover and Zaun at least a little longer. touch also know what happened to Jayce, Mel and the rest of the council members that they were about to receive a missile charged with Hextech energy. Until now we have been presented with a conflict, now it has exploded (literally) and it is time to see how it develops.

The end of the first season of Arcane left us with a vintage ‘cliffhanger’

We would bet that the plot begins to open up to other regions of Runeterra, although it is not confirmed. The fights between Shurima and the void would be an easy pivot, but they don’t quite fit with the general tone of the series. In this sense, what seems most plausible is the introduction of Noxus. It is one of the most important regions in League of Legends and almost all of its history is based on warmongering. Furthermore, the mother of Mel Medarda has already had an important weight in history. It doesn’t seem like she’s going to take kindly to the fact that, succeeding or not, they tried to kill her daughter while she was seeking peace.

Still, talking about Arcane’s plot invites us to play a closely related and perhaps more interesting topic of conversation from a speculative point of view…

The champions that will appear in Season 2 of Arcane

Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Jayce, Heimerdinger, Viktor and Singed They seem to be more than confirmed. They appeared in the first season of the series and all of them were important. It is to be expected that many of them will have some evolution, Ekko being one of the most interesting. However, we can also trust that there will be new additions. An interesting theory suggests that Warwick will be one of the chosen ones, starring in one of the great ‘plot twist’ of the plot.

Renata Glasc is the one who controls Zaun after Silco’s death

Despite this, there are two possible additions that interest us much more. Zeri and Renata Glasc arrived in League of Legends just a few months after the series aired on Netflix. The first one might be less relevant, since we have a lot of characters on the table who could take a similar role. However, the second points to fundamental for the future of Arcane. In the game’s current lore, she is the one who leads Zaun’s underworld.. A gap that has also been left empty in the series.

As for Noxus’ rise to prominence, we’d expect some iconic champion from the region to make it to the series. Throughout the first season of Arcane Ravens have appeared, an animal related to Swain. This character is fundamental in the history of the video game and the clues about his arrival could point to him having some kind of relevant role in the coming episodes. In case it appears, we bet this is one that won’t be revealed in the trailers for the series.

Will there be more seasons of Arcane?

We can state emphatically that Arcane has a future beyond the second season. Riot Games has confirmed on many occasions that would finance the series for several years. In this sense, the audiences or the results in terms of criticism have to be twisted a lot for the company to decide to back down. After all, in addition to a great series this is one of the most powerful marketing tools a game developer has ever had.

If we bet on the expansion of the series to other regions, it is because we know that it will have more than two seasons.

Other options to discover the lore of League of Legends

Riot Games is betting on developing the League of Legends universe in different media. Even if you don’t like the main game, you can be a part of it. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story has already been released to tell us what happened to the Ruined King and the Shadow Isles. Something similar will happen soon with The Mageseeker, which will focus on Sylas and Demacia. There are also other games planned for this year 2023 and even an MMO on the way.

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