“As long as Ukraine continues to exist, its children will not die here.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has given several interviews to French media in which he has assured that his troops “They have managed to stop Russia from advancing“And the situation at the front has improved, also responding to the comments of French President Emmanuel Macron, who assured on February 26 that he did not rule out sending French troops to Ukraine.”

,Your children will not die in Ukraine“Zelensky answered bluntly.” The President has said that it is not necessary to send foreign troops at the moment, but he requested that “technical personnel” be sent to “co-produce” French Caesar cannons or German Leopard tanks.

The comments by Macron, who cited the need for “strategic ambiguity” to avoid giving further details, sparked intense controversy among Kiev’s European allies.

«The fact that (Macron) said that nothing can be ruled out, I think (…) is linked to Putin, because “As long as Ukraine remains intact, French troops will remain on French territory.”Zelensky has given these indications regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He said, “But if Putin succeeds in attacking another NATO country, then it will be up to the NATO countries to decide how and in what quantity they should send or not send their forces.”

This Monday, Zelensky said in interviews with French network BFM TV and newspaper Le Monde that “Russian progress has been stopped.”

“Our command, our forces have stopped the Russian advance in eastern Ukraine,” he said, according to a translation by a BFM TV interpreter.

«I can give you this new information: The situation is much better now compared to the last three months.“Zelensky has given assurances.”

Displeasure with the Pope

The statements come after the Ukrainian president expressed his outrage over statements by Pope Francis, who urged in an interview broadcast over the weekend that the parties to the conflict negotiate “before things get worse.”

The pontiff assured Swiss television RTS that he believed “those who see the situation, who think about the people, who have the courage to raise the white flag and negotiate are stronger.”

Zelensky responded this Sunday that his country Will “never” raise a white flag against RussiaAnd this Monday the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned Vatican representative Nuncio Visvaldus Kulbokas in protest against the Argentine Pope’s statements.

More than a thousand kilometers of fortifications

The Ukrainian leader also said that Ukraine is building fortifications “More than 1,000 kilometers” on the front.

He indicated, “When we talk about fortification, we talk about an ongoing process.” “We are not talking about a few kilometers or hundreds of kilometers, but about the construction of more than 1,000 kilometers.”

“It is a very complex task. Zelensky said, “They must be solid and resistant to changes in climate, (…) but also resistant to any military equipment used against these defensive lines.”

white house earrings

However, the end of the race may depend on the outcome of the United States elections in November, a race in which former Republican President Donald Trump is emerging as his party’s nominee following his landslide victory in the primaries held so far.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met Trump in Florida in the southern United States on Friday and announced that the magnate had assured him that “he will not give a cent to Ukraine”.

“His point of view is very clear, which is difficult to disagree with.” He says: “First of all, he will not give one cent to the war between Ukraine and Russia” if he returns to the White House, the Hungarian nationalist leader told public broadcaster M1 on Sunday.


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