AuronPlay confirms that TortillaLand 3 will not take place in 2023: “It is likely that we will wait until next year”

He broke the illusions! series of MinecraftTortillaLand’ is one of the most acclaimed by the community of Twitch. Many fans of different streamers, who participated in the previous ones, are waiting for your third edition. However, according to AuronPlayorganizer of the series, this new sequel shall wait until the 2024.

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Tortilla Land 3 is delayed

After returning from his break at controversial that he faced, AuronPlay reactivated the feedback with millions of his followers. They asked him about the possible return from the series TortillaLand.

To the lament of the community of MinecraftThe popular ‘Bald’ confirmed that the third edition of TortillaLand It will not take place this year. The reason? The Spanish streamer wants to get into projects that allow him to restso you don’t think it’s the best moment to reopen the server.

“This year will there be Tortilla? I don’t believe it. I don’t think this year target a TortillaLand, not for nothing eh, but because I don’t think I’ll target that event this year. It is probable that not, that we wait in any case for the year that comes”, mentioned the Spanish streamer during one of his transmissions of twitch.

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Minecraft Extreme Second Edition

It was not all bad news. Auron revealed that it is carrying out the preparations for the second edition of Minecraft Extreme.

“What I would include, in my opinion, are the ideas I have in the head. What I would put, maybe in September approximately, it would be a minecraft extreme 2. It is a series much more Light, entertainingtwo or three weeks. I think it can be very fun. I think Extremo is a series that can be done twice a year quietly”, mentioned the Catalan influencer.

Amid the controversy, AuronPlay participated in the latest edition of the Squid Craft Games.

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