Auronplay gives his opinion and Ibai responds

AuronPlay He returned from vacation this past Tuesday full of opinions, after having received several attacks in the last hours after learning that he was among the four finalists for the ESLAND Award a streamers of the year.

TheGrefg awards have started a fierce debate on whether Ibai deserves to take the recognition, after having the entire Twitch record, or if the award should go to someone who does only “straight at home”. This last opinion is the one defended by Auron.

The Catalan spoke angrily and tired of the comparisons, after Knekro, a friend of Llanos, assured that all Auron was doing was “playing at Minecraft“: “If a guy who plays Minecraft He’s going to take it away before someone who does events like Ibai…”.

“I understand that from the outside it looks easy, I sit here, I greet, I send blessings, I start playing a game of thieves and I have 60,000 people,” Auron replied directly: “I’m just telling you to try it, let’s see how many people they see you. Do the test. and then we compare

“It’s not that easy. Like Ibai’s events, which are not that easy. I could do it, but it wouldn’t be so good, because he wouldn’t be commenting,” he added: “Ibai is the best at what he does, IlloJuan is the best in his That thing about minimizing work, I will never do it“.

Even so, he postulates as the winner and defends his candidacy for streamers of the year, since, although it has not broken the Twitch record, it has achieved a historical milestone: 500 direct shows with more than 100,000 viewers.

The rankings show that Llanos in 2022 has narrowly surpassed Auron. But it seems that the debate goes beyond the numbers. Therefore, Ibai has confessed his weariness with the fight.

“We had a funny pique at the beginning and this it has turned into a fucking war“, has complained: “Auron is the streamer What do I most admire professionally? And the one I see the most. We are friends. Let everyone vote for whoever they want. Any of the four of us deserve it. Peace. Long live love.”

Again, he asks for tranquility among the community. However, the words of Auron and Knekro have once again raised harshness and many have continued to fight over which of the two deserves more the award.

There are still more than 20 days left for the final result to arrive, which will be chosen 50% by the fans and 50% by a panel of experts that TheGrefg has not yet revealed. Anyway, it remains controversial for a while.

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