Autophagy, what is it and why, besides helping to lose weight, can it delay aging?

You may have read that if you want to gain or lose weight, you should favor Bhoji For example, through intermittent fasting or calorie restriction. But what does it actually mean?Bhoji, Why can it help you lose weight? Did you know that fighting aging is also a natural process? We break down the concept of fashion so you can know everything about it.

What is autophagy?

Although the word Bhoji Japanese scientists are more fashionable than ever in 2016 yoshinori ohsumi He won the prestigious Nobel Prize for his research on this process, which supports various studies that directly relate to aging.

What is autophagy? it’s about a Natural mechanisms in our body that cause cell regeneration In which cells themselves eliminate damaged elements such as proteins or waste Which get accumulated in the body after the virus and are potentially toxic to the body, To understand this, many experts in the field invite us to compare it with household cleaning operations or garbage collection in cities.

In addition to this “cleaning”, the autophagy process “saves” some compounds that can still be useful to our body, thereby saving energy and Thus aging is delayed, If we take it back to the previous analogy, we could say it’s something like “cellular recycling”.

Failures in the autophagy process, for example, can lead to degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or dementia.

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Autophagy, intermittent fasting, physical exercise and sleep: experts speak

Although Autophagy occurs naturally and continuously, there are ways to induce and accelerate itOne of them is through calorie restriction. Ana Maria Cuervo, co-director of the Einstein Institute for Aging Research in New York, says that, for example, “if you don’t snack between lunch and dinner, your cells activate autophagy and undergo autophagy during the day.” Clears out everything that has accumulated.” and this is it Eat less and some fasting guidelines They are more than beneficial in the mechanism of longevity. Furthermore, experts point out that this cellular cleansing is also affected by other habits, such as sleep: “When you go Sleep“Cells need things to burn, activity decreases and sleep is the best cleansing mechanism.” Another reason to take care of your sleep and get a good night’s sleep.

Regarding fasting Dr. Vicente MeraHead of Internal Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic and one of the most recognized doctors in Europe welfare, advises to execute intermittent fastingone day a week, Furthermore, it suggests that, occasionally, putting it into action would also be positive. long term fasting with whom Bhoji By activating detoxification enzymes in the body and deep cleansing cells and tissues.

He Physical exercise It can also induce autophagy as during training this process is activated by contracting muscles and, although not directly acting, in the liver.

Can the autophagy system fail?

Whether due to inactivation or overactivation, the autophagy process, in fact, may fail to cause various diseases, Boticaria Garcia He explained the results in a newspaper article this way World: “They can lead to neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, autoimmune, metabolic diseases, various types of cancer, and especially other diseases. problems related to high rate of aging,

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