Bad news for the League of Legends MMO, which today loses one of its most important figures

Riot Games is more than busy lately with its various projects. Among all this string of games, one of the most mysterious is the League of Legends MMO, of which we practically don’t know anything. Today we still have not seen the game, but we know that one of its top managers has left the company.

The development of an MMORPG is one of the most difficult companies that a video game studio can throw themselves in the face. Filled not only with content, but also with systems and mechanics to balance, there is a lot to adjust to the millimeter if you want a quality launch. Knowing Riot, this is why their biggest project to date has yet to even be shown off. As of today, it seems that we will have to wait more to know details of this game.

Greg Streetexecutive producer of the game, announced today that gets off the Riot Games ship. Citing both personal and professional reasons, she has decided to leave the company both to be closer to her loved ones, and to seek a new path within the industry.

Even so, this ex-World of Warcraft boss has nothing but good words for his hitherto company. “The MMO is in good handsand it is the right moment to give up the reins for its next phase”, says the video game designer from his official Twitter account.

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For now, we will surely have to wait a long time to have more specific data on this ambitious new video game. In November of last year, Street himself asked fans for patience, saying that the title still needs to be passed on. much longer in the oven. It’s up to us, at least for now, to dream.

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