Bagnolis tried to rape his nurse, claiming Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie told him to do it

This Tuesday, February 27, the Nîmes criminal court tried a 41-year-old Bagnolais man for the attempted rape of a private nurse.

Three years later, Lisa Gee, a bubbly 32-year-old liberal nurse who has been practicing for 10 years, went to Bagnols-sur-Seize to care for and bring healing to Mohammed Ati, who was placed under a strong guardianship. Was a patient and was suffering from schizophrenia. Disturbed by underlying illusions. Three years, without the young woman fearing for her safety or feeling any danger in the presence of her patient.

However, on this June 3, 2023, when Lisa came down to get her treatment, Mohammed claimed that her sleep apnea had broken out due to a malfunction in her respiratory system. He takes the nurse to his room when suddenly he pounces on her. Almost tears off her t-shirt and throws her on the ground, his hands grab her breasts, before he puts his mouth there while trying to tear off her pants.

Her screams allow her to escape

Terrified, the young woman screams, convinced that her end has come. And after the rape, his patient will take her life. She struggles, although the attacker has her legs wrapped around her. Due to his crying, a passerby in the neighborhood becomes alert and comes forward. The distracted attacker loosens his grip and Luisa takes the opportunity to run away at full speed.

While she filed a complaint with the police a few minutes later, the attacker contacted her over the phone to apologize and assured her that it was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who had asked her to throw herself at Xi.

a life destroyed

Examined by a psychiatrist, the normal patient hospitalized in Mass Carrerón also suffers from hallucinations. From then on, everything changed in the girl’s life that day. It is impossible for a passionate nurse to return to her profession. Despite continued and committed treatment, she can no longer go out unaccompanied, making going to Bagnalls now unbearable for her. And after nine months of sick leave, huge financial losses and worries about how to ensure the survival of her family, she admits in court that she has resolved to rebuild herself. Explaining that she would never be the same again.

After deliberations, the court found Mohammed Ati guilty of the facts and sentenced him to three years in prison, with an 18-month probationary suspension with an obligation of care. With an arrest warrant, the accused turned himself in. Not presented in the palace of justice. The court also orders medical examination of the victim so that she can be compensated to the extent of the loss.

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