Banned CS:Go Players will not be able to play Counter Strike 2

Cheaters are a scourge in the world of multiplayer gaming, and companies go to great lengths to find ways to prevent their games from becoming infested with cheaters who use bugs or third-party software to gain illicit advantage.

One of the most famous games of the last decades, since the beginning of the 2000s with its first versions as a Half-Life mod, is eValve’s Counter Strike. And the company has decided to apply a zero tolerance policy towards players who cheat or engage in toxic behavior in its new Counter Strike 2.

In addition to what is expected, which is that these behaviors will not be tolerated, Valve has gone a step further and will prevent players who have been banned in the current version of the game: Counter Strike Global Offensive from playing Counter Strike 2.

Also, CS 2 beta participants are being selected based on their CS:Go behavior, so repeat cheaters and toxic players won’t be able to test the game either. Without a doubt, good news for the CS:2 player community.

Specifically, in the question and answer (FAQ) section of the game we find this text:

  • I got banned from CS:GO. Can I use the same Steam account to play Counter-Strike 2?
    – No. Accounts with editor or VAC locks in CS:GO cannot play Counter-Strike 2 on VAC protected servers.
  • Are competitive suspensions shared between Counter-Strike 2 and CS:GO?
    – Yes. If you have a competitive ban in CS:GO, you cannot enter matchmaking in Counter-Strike 2, and vice versa.

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