Being a Cule, an Exercise in Masochism by Enrique Jove

01/15/2024 at 17:11


Finals are won, not played, I was saying Javi The day before the Grand Final, to recap alfredo di stefano, Given what I have seen, I can leave the article here.

Does anyone doubt that this crisis is no longer just a game? I do not think so. The final was in Riyadh, in prime time and in the format of a great classic, it could be the worst thing that could happen to the Barça brand. The absurdity of the team’s play was broadcast live to the world’s largest global audience in football. International fans want champion teams and Barcelona are currently called “losers”. Thus it is impossible to make a fan for this purpose. The stadium stands, mostly white, demonstrate this trend. In addition to playing and winning, big clubs need role models on the bench and on the field., Well, we don’t have any of the three. We have very few names left to choose the shirt you want to buy, we will not talk about sports and it seems that we will not win any titles this year.

Watching Barca this year is a macho exercise. The bleeding is continuous and endless, with no end in sight. To appeal to Cruyffism the day before the game, only to later see what we saw on Sunday, is to tarnish it badly because you don’t know how to reinterpret it in modern football., what about that Javi This is a sofa. A team that is in disarray is a toy not for Madrid, but for any rival that competes with it, because it is hesitant, timid and predictable, to the extent that the coach of the rival team has fallen. Decide not to make wood for the tree. Team under construction? No, clearly in fragmentation. optional, dorafa marquez, Watch the results, the reserve team’s game and decide for yourself.

There’s nothing else to analyze in the field, but we certainly wouldn’t be any better off if we settled out. At least on this occasion we did not dare to hang a banner challenging our opponent. What is known about the President? The only ones who expose viral videos of their dinners and night parties, yes, always with the same small group of managers. The thing about liver sounds like it would end badly, not badly.

Some media speak of a constant drain of professional talent in key areas of the club, although it is said that while the money in football must be on the field, it is impossible to manage an institution without great professionals in the offices., There has been a lot of balloon investigation to show that there is an interest in destroying the relationship with Nike at the worst possible time to negotiate a good contract with the competition. At the rate we’re going, that’s what American multinationals will ultimately want.

Conclusion: Our reputation is at the level the club is currently at: brothers’ cabin marks, Meanwhile, in a box, estrangement And Victor Font They looked at the debacle together, and probably conspired to imagine that it would be easier for them to improve the present.


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