Ben Francis, from bodybuilder to billionaire

the owner of gymshark I could never imagine in 2012 that, in less than ten years, I would become a billionaire. The clothing brand ben francis was valued at 1 billion euros in 2020. The brand is headquartered in Solihull, England and has many famous clients among its clients. This year, the businessman appeared for the first time on the magazine’s list of billionaires forbes.

According to the list, Ben Francis currently has a net worth of 1.2 billion dollars. The business that started in the businessman’s parents’ garage now employs around 850 people around the world. The young man strove to grow in life. Ben once worked as a pizza delivery boy. But in 2020, his professional growth almost went down the drain.

After the release of a video in which the boy appeared snorting cocaine, his credibility was shaken. Ben Francis explained himself, “Four years ago, I was a young guy. I got caught up in a moment and made a stupid mistake that I hugely regret. It was a mistake I learned from. I will continue to dedicate myself to learning from the people around me and working towards becoming the best version of myself.”

Gymshark (Reproduction/Instagram/@gymshark)

In 2021, the businessman married the model robin. A year later, the couple announced the pregnancy of twins. Ben Francis is crazy about motorcycles. Some of the customers of gymshark they are Rebel Wilson, Lucy Hale, Hailey Bieber It is Kendall Jenner.

The businessman’s initial idea was to sell vitamin supplements, but he realized that the gym clothes market had a much greater growth perspective. He opted to drop out of universities to dedicate himself to business.

After giving away its pieces to bodybuilding influencers for free, Gymshark started paying $500 for posts using the brand. This marketing action funded the construction of the company’s first factory.

Featured Photo: Ben Francis. Playback/ Instagram @benfrancis

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