Best summer watches, ranked

Summer is upon us for the Northern Hemisphere, and while that can mean highlights, tanning marks and trips to the beach, it also leads to different attitudes towards entertainment. As an early period without responsibility, summer entertainment should fuel the imagination – mermaids, friendship, romance, beach views.

From a small county in Nevada where three friends fall prey to their own mischief, to the blossoming romance of an unorthodox couple in northern Italy, this collection has the ability to transport viewers to a more joyous time. Regardless of the weather outside, these classics will bring summer to your screen.

10 summer house

summer house
bravo tv

With inflation on the rise, a virtual trip to the Hamptons may be the safest option for your bank account. summer house it lets viewers take a front-row seat to a gang of New Yorkers’ vacation silliness. Every weekend, a core group drives down to the Hamptons to unwind after a long week at work. As is normal with all vacations, or situations where strangers share close quarters, drama ensues.

Summer follows the alcohol-soaked shenanigans of the cast as they navigate romances, relationship troubles, and family issues. The reality show will definitely make viewers feel like they’re on an expensive vacation as a member of the dysfunctional friend group. Needless to say, this option is more for those looking to have a summer of fraternity.

9 nap key

nap key

there is not much to nap key off its beautiful beaches. A group of young adults living in a residential town in Sarasota, Florida, navigate the beginnings and ends of friendships on the MTV reality show. The narrative revolves around Juliette Porter, who is typically at the center of the show’s drama. Aerial footage of South Florida beaches keeps the public interested and perpetuates the summer vibe. nap key it’s a great watch for anyone hunting on vacation or in the height of seasonal depression.

8 The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks

Fans and viewers everywhere agree that Outer Margins it’s the perfect escape from just about everything – work, school, gloomy weather. The series is predominantly set in North Carolina’s barrier islands, and the first season stayed relatively true to its setting, as filming took place in Charleston, South Carolina. The last two seasons have ventured outside of US territories into more tropical settings. Season two places its characters in the Bahamas, where John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) are tracking a stolen treasure. Although the story takes place in the capital of the Bahamas, there are no reports of filming actually taking place there. It is reported that the beautiful beaches really belong in Barbados, where Season 3 partially takes place and was filmed. Regardless of the show’s setting, the action-packed series will make its viewers forget all about everyday life.

External Banks’ the plot ensures that the main characters are exempt from responsibility outside of the treasure hunt, throwing them all into a state of perpetual summer that is quite fitting amid palm trees and sun – making Outer Margins a great addition to this list.

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7 Very bad

Very bad
sony photos

What would a summer watch list be without this unconventional coming-of-age movie? As high school winds down, three underdogs hope to redefine their school experience by attending an end-of-year party hosted by Seth’s (Jonah Hill) crush, Jules (Emma Stone). Seth convinces his other two friends Evan (Michael Cera) and Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) not only to attend, but to supply their colleagues with the drink. Hoping to promote popularity with their crushes, the codependent best friends set out on a quest to get alcohol for the party. Though the motives for his quest are questionable and full of comic shenanigans, Very bad turns into a sentimental story about growing up and fitting in – perfect for audiences in the summer between high school and college.

6 dirty dance

dirty dance
Vestron Photos

In the misty hills of the fictional Kellerman Resort, viewers are returned to upstate New York, where a dramatic romance unfolds. The prosperous Houseman family takes a summer trip to the Catskill Mountains, where privileged daughter Frances, affectionately nicknamed Baby, (Jennifer Grey) falls in love with the resort’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze), and begins to examine her surroundings, as well as your place within them.

In an effort to assert independence from her parents’ overbearing idea of ​​her future, Baby begins spending time with Johnny and the other resort staff. When her new group of friends faces a dilemma, Baby offers her help, which ultimately bolsters her relationship with Johnny. In the end, Baby is faced with a choice: her immaculate, predetermined future, or love?

dirty dance answers all your summer adventure needs, and what would summer be without a little romance?

5 The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap
walt disney company

Every summer watch list needs a lighthearted tale with a side of romance and The Parent Trap checks both boxes. Twins separated at birth (both played by a young Lindsay Lohan) coincidentally visit the same summer camp, where they realize they bear a striking resemblance. After spending the first few days butting heads, the twins are thrown together in the same cabin, where they realize their similarity isn’t the only thing they share. A torn up photo of their parents leads them to the revelation that they are twins and that their long-lost father is not dead, but separated, and has been raising the other sister the entire time. Hoping to connect with the father they never knew, the twins decide to switch places.

As time passes with the opposite parent, they realize that this could be the perfect opportunity to get their parents back together. The film is filled with wacky pranks that will put viewers in a good mood.

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4 Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love
sony photos

Sometimes summer means crossroads, and what movie better portrays a crossroads than Eat Pray Love? Liz (Julia Roberts) enters a crisis of faith when she realizes that although she has everything she’s ever wanted, she feels unfulfilled. After her divorce, she embarks on a journey outside her comfort zone, on a world tour. On the way to adventure, she realizes that her destiny is self-discovery. Liz’s inspiring and moving journey is a must-see for anyone who has found summer to be a time of uncertainty.

3 the last song

the last song
walt disney studios

the last song it packs all the exciting qualities of summer into one movie. The film is adapted from the bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks and remains true to the original story throughout the film’s re-imagining. The film centers on family ties, betrayal, love, loss and heartache. The story begins with a reluctant summer trip to North Carolina to visit Ronnie’s (Miley Cyrus) father (Greg Kinnear). After her parents’ divorce and the dissolution of her idea of ​​a father, Ronnie rebels and is eventually sent to her father’s house to settle down, or so it seems. As the summer passes, it becomes clear to Ronnie that her parents may have other motives.

Volleyball tournaments, boardwalk festivals, and summer garden parties set the laissez-faire summer tone for a paradoxical emotional story.

two Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name
Warner Bros.

Spend some time in Northern Italy with Oliver (Armie Hammer) and Elio (Timothee Chalamet). Call Me By Your Name Set in the summer of 1983, Elio fills his days with his close-knit family, consisting of his father (Michael Stuhlbarg) and mother (Amire Casar), both prominent players at the academy. Due to his parents’ schooling, Elio is shown to be very mature for adolescence, which catches the attention of graduate student Oliver during his internship with Elio’s father. The Italian countryside is the perfect setting for the romance that ensues between the two, the bittersweet film concluded against a backdrop of summer.

1 aquamarine

20th century studios

The classic teen drama movie starring everyone’s favorite mermaid, aquamarine, is widely regarded as an emblem of summer. The film is adapted from an Alice Hoffman book that originally sets the story further north, but the film places its characters in Florida in early summer. Summer begins with Claire (Emma Roberts) and Hailey (JoJo) sleeping over at Claire’s grandparents’ house, located near her favorite beach club. In the opening moments, the audience is introduced to the conflict of the story – Hailey’s impending move to Australia so that her mother can practice her dream job. As the two girls discuss their reluctance to accept change and their upcoming separation, a storm approaches, bringing with it a magical wish-granting mermaid named Aquamarine. Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) tells the two girls about her problems, that she is on a mission to prove that love exists in order to avoid an arranged marriage. If the girls help her, she will grant them a wish.

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At this point, their desire seems obvious; that Hailey will stay in Florida and the best friends won’t have to part ways. As the three set out on their adventure to prove the existence of love, the story becomes a fable of friendship and selflessness.

The movie is shot in Australia, ironically, and the setting alone is enough to make viewers long for the sun. But featured sleepovers, neighborhood and pool parties will have audiences smelling the sea breeze in their own living room, reflecting on their own nostalgic summer memories.

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