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Everything seems to indicate that in 2023 this industry will continue to grow exponentially as it has done in previous years. What are the sectors that will be dragged by this wave of popularity.

betting on eSports

As can be seen in specialized casino sites such as casinoutansvensklicens.onethe growth of betting on eSports in online casinos is impressive.

It happens that eSports are sports and have the characteristics of any other sport: they have great players, teams and dozens of different tournaments. That is why they have opened the door to a series of bets that did not exist just two years ago.

The most popular games to bet on are League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, Counter Strike (also known as CS:GO), Valorant and FIFA, the world’s most famous soccer game. WhatsApp Image 2023-01-19 at 11.38.07 AM

Events linked to eSports

In this industry there are different leagues with their events. There are dozens of competitions

smaller ones that bring together players and fans of a specific game, but there are three big world events to highlight.

The first is the Electronic Sports League One (ESL). It is a league that brings together more than 15,000 people at the LANXESS Arena in Cologne, Germany. This tournament summons the best teams from Dota 2, CS:GO and Starcraft 2, among others.

The second is the ESL Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), another league in which the best in the world compete. It has been held since 2007, but the emblematic year of this league was 2017, when it was decided that the Polish city of Katowice would host the finals.

Finally, it is worth noting the League of Legends World Championship. This tournament is dedicated to just one game: the hugely popular LoL. The championship is held in different cities every year. It has had editions in South Korea, Sweden, France, the United States and China.

PC and mobile supplies

According to Forbes, eSports generated revenue of 198 billion dollars in 2021. In addition, 46 billion dollars entered China from the purchase of games and other components. Part of all these inputs has to do with the equipment to play.

Special chairs, back-lit keyboards, a state-of-the-art computer, noise-canceling headphones, and dual monitors seem to be the gamer’s basic kit. Just with this equipment we are already talking about an investment of more than 1500 dollars.

Buy and sell avatars and accessories

On the Internet there are different sites where you can buy collectible game tokens. A popular option are the “skins” a kind of vinyl that is placed as decoration, for example, on weapons. Beyond this are collectible virtual stickers, weapons, supplies, and thousands of other items that are traded outside of games and have enormous monetary value.

There are even companies that allow you to hire a professional player to pass some levels for you. This is considered bad practice in the game. In fact, 62% of professional players of eSports in Europe believe that the use of cheating is inappropriate and call for more to be done to prevent it.


Youtubers and stars of Twitch, Amazon’s streaming service, have grown around the eSports industry. Streamers are usually good players, but their forte is not in the game but in the comments they make when meeting an opponent, being surprised by an event, winning or losing. The idea behind streaming or podcasts about eSports is to comment on some news about the games but above all, to entertain.

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