Big change to armored boots, now they work

change armored boots

It might be a no-brainer for any regular League of Legends player, but one of the first items to buy is the boots. A gesture that is made during those initial bars and that can vary depending on the game. Although they can be acquired based on enhancing our abilities or to protect ourselves from what is in front of us. With the arrival of the last patch we have realized that the armored boots Now they do act as they should. These give protection against physical damage and basic attacks, of which now not excluded None, as was the case before.

Armored Boots Take A Big Twist For Change

As we tell you, armored boots focus on defense against physical attacks and also attacks basic. With the last update, this item’s passive received a number of tweaks that can now make a difference. Basic means basic, as dictated by the new patch note. now consider all basic attacks for that damage reduction and not just the ones that are tagged as a basic attack.

Therefore, they will now also act on the abilities of certain champions that are considered basic attacks. An action that until now had been ignored and currently the list is much wider. For this reason, it is worth knowing what skills they are going to act against and we may see them at the top of the most used boots in a few days. These would be the affected skills of the change in armored boots:

  • Annie’s Tibers when she attacks
  • Bel’Veth (Q and E)
  • Blitzcrank (E)
  • Camille (Q)
  • Darius (W)
  • World (E)
  • Ezreal (Q)
  • Fiora (Q)
  • Gangplank (Q)
  • Garen (Q)
  • Hecharim (E)
  • Illaoi (W)
  • Irelia (Q)
  • Ivern on his ult (not the knockup)
  • malzahar
  • Miss Fortune (Q)
  • Nasus (Q)
  • Nidalee in animal mode (Q)
  • Senna (Q)
  • Shyvana in Dragon Form (Q)
  • Trundle (Q)
  • Udyr (W, to steal life)
  • Vayne (Q)
  • Viego (R)
  • Victor (Q)
  • Voli (Q and W)
  • Warwick (Q&R)
  • Wukong (Q)
  • Yorick (Q and E)
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