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Choosing a gaming monitor is difficult for most users. This is due to the enormous number of models with similar characteristics and even prices that are available on the market. In the world of gaming monitors we find a great variety with 120 Hz, 144 Hz or 165 Hz. Well, precisely one of these gaming monitors, the GIGABYTE G27F2with resolution 1080P and 165Hz (170 Hz OC) is being affected by a problem and the company offers a free hotfix service for affected users.

We have more and more powerful hardware and this means that we can achieve a high amount of FPS in many competitive games. We are talking, of course, about titles that do not have high requirements and in these we can achieve 100+ FPS easily without needing a high-end PC. games like Valorant, Counter-Strike either League of Legends They fall into this category and gaming monitors with high refresh rates are used in these.

GIGABYTE warns that there is a problem with G27F 2 monitors


If we have to choose a gaming monitor to play competitive games that do not consume too much, the best option is to go with one that offers resolution FULL HD. This is an outdated resolution for many and in fact, even your smartphone may have a higher resolution. However, even though there is 2K Y 4K for years, 1080P is still leading. We have already seen how in the Steam hardware survey, the vast majority of users continue to use this resolution on their PCs and laptops.

And it is not for less, because despite the fact that current hardware is very powerful, it is also very expensive and in many cases fluency is valued above graphic quality. That said, the gaming monitor GIGABYTE G27F2 falls into this category and curiously the company has warned of a issue What happens in this particular model? If you wonder what kind of problem it is, we also question it, because GIGABYTE has not given any explanation as to what happens.

GIGABYTE offers free technical support for those affected


What GIGABYTE has offered, is a section in your website for those affected for this failure with your G27F 2 monitor. For this, if we are owners of this specific model, it asks us to write the serial number that we will find in the back of monitor, below the barcode. In case of not finding it there, we can also check the label on the side of the monitor box, where the serial number also appears after the word SN.

That being said, if you are the owner of a GIGABYTE G27F 2 it is recommended that you enter the serial number to see if you are affected by the problem. In the event that the serial number is not affected, you lose nothing and if your monitor really has a problem, GIGABYTE offers a free servicewithout specifying if it is a repair or replacement.

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