Fortnite: How to get and use the Guardian’s Shield?

The defensive tool is now available to equip in battle royale to block damage coming from opponents.

The Guardian’s Shield it was one of the items planned to be released in Chapter 4 of Fortnite. It is now enabled and all players can become a solo or squad tank while advancing on fire.

Through a new hotfix you can now equip the new defensive tool in battle royale that will allow you to block all damage from your opponents. Even so, it is a very rare object to obtain and will require mastery to face others either alone or in a team.

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The Shield of the Guardian is more often found in the Chests of Oaths just like the Shock Hammer or the Excaliber Rifle. This type of trunks are folded between autumnal areas such as Cantera Cinética, La Ciudadela, Muelle Medieval, Plaza Pintoresca and part of the Ciudad Contrapuesta. There is also a low chance that the item will drop from normal or rare chests.

As for its use, it is simple but somewhat difficult to master. you can keep it as one mobile coverage for you or your allies or else you can throw it in one place to have stable protection. But you must pay attention to the positioning of your opponents because if they cross it you can be their bait. To all this we must add that the barrier does not last forever. It will change color depending on how much energy it has left and can be recharged over time.

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Last but not least, the Guardian’s Shield is required to complete one of the Fortnite Chapter 4 weekly missions. It has five stages and for each of them the number of hits to be blocked by your enemies will increase. It can be completed from now until January 10 until new challenges come in.

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