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The January 3rd v23.10 hotfix brings a new protection item to Battle Royale, the guardian shieldand kicks off weeks of new rewards that can be earned in the mid season!

It’s time to protect the squad with the shield of the guardian

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With so many swords flying and hammers pounding, a little extra cover goes a long way.

The guardian shield, which can be found in Oath Chests, deploys a protective barrier in front of you and your team that blocks damage. This shield can be raised as mobile cover while moving with your squad, or thrown to the ground for stable, continuous protection. The barrier won’t last forever, so keep an eye on the changing color of the shield to know when it’s about to run out.

The mid-season arrives brimming with style

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Unlock new styles every week with rewards from mid season!

With the v23.10 hotfix on January 3rd, the first half of the season is here. The mid-season concept is new this season. During this period, you’ll be able to earn alternate styles for Chapter 4 – Season 1 Battle Pass outfits. Starting this week, earn 10 account levels to get a new look for Selene. Over the next four weeks, keep earning Account Levels to earn Mid-Season Styles for Massai, Doom Slayer, Dusty, and Nezumi.

You can find the Mid-Season styles in the Mid-Season section of the Battle Pass tab. Jump into the game and level up in style!

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