High on Life knows if you’re running fast and is totally okay with it.

High on Life, the Rick and Morty-esque space shooter from Justin Roiland’s Squanch Games studio, packs a secret, loving tribute to the world of GDQ and speedrunning, as the FPS game tops Minecraft in the Game Pass popularity contest and earn thousands of positive Steam reviews.

If you’ve ever watched Games Done Quick and seen some of the awesome tricks speedsters use to set a new Half-Life world record or beat the colossal GTA San Andreas in less than 12 hours, you’ll be familiar with the idea of ​​failing out of bounds: basically leaving the bounds of the prescribed path a game wants you to follow and climbing into previously inaccessible areas to skip parts of a game. This is usually considered game breaking as it goes against the developers intent. But High on Life, in typical fourth-wall-breaking postmodern fashion, is ahead of all of us.

During Dr. Giblets’ bounty, when you need to travel to the building of the same name High on Life, you can take a shortcut to run fast by tactically jumping across rooftops, window sills, and balconies. As YouTuber ‘Cracking Bananas’ found out, when you finally get to High on Life, your little friend Suit-O will appear and ask “are you trying to speedrun?” Are you running fast right now?

You might expect to get scolded, but in reality Suit-O, and by extension High on Life itself, are very supportive. “Okay, you can do it,” Suit-O continues. “We think that’s great. We think that’s great. Good luck. I hope you get a world record!”

It’s a welcome nod to the almost surreal endeavors that speedrunners put in, as well as the High on Life community at large. If FPS ever shows up in GDQ, I hope the racers do their best to trigger this little easter egg.

High on Life has been spectacularly successful on Game Pass, becoming the most popular launch on the Xbox and PC subscription service, even beyond Minecraft. Despite the issues highlighted in our own High on Life review, the FPS has also taken Steam by storm, with over 5,000 user reviews giving it the coveted “very positive status”, though co-creator Justin Roiland admits he knew some people would “hate it.” ” the game.

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