League 13.1 Patch Notes: Nefs Yuumi, K’Sante, Zeri, and More

Although many family and friends have already congratulated you on the entry of 2023, perhaps very few have told you… Happy lolero year 2023, summoner! Yes, new year, new season in which to try to achieve objectives, get angry in soloQ, ask Yuumi for the nerf and enjoy the best MOBA ever.

And be careful, because the season is not only the main course of 2023 in LoL, but also the official patch schedule that starts with version 13.1 of the game, the first of the year that the update process begins.


On Tuesday, January 10, 13.1 will be released and will bring with it many interesting changes to the game, especially the long-awaited buffs Y nerfs to champions who are more than present in the goal.

In fact, Yuumi will be nerfed and this is already celebrated in the community outside of meme; We’ve reviewed and reviewed all the patch notes we know of so far and will update when they’re complete.

League of Legends 13.1 Patch Notes

buffs to champions

  • Shaco (AD)
  • Jayce
  • Lissandra
  • Zion

nerfs to champions

  • Aatrox
  • dr world
  • Fiora
  • K’Sante
  • Mordekaiser
  • rammus
  • Yuumi
  • Zeri

Champion Neutral Adjustments

  • Jax readjusts to his rework

SYSTEM changes

  • Axiomatic Arc Adjustments | buff
  • Approach to the Horizon | buff
  • Rod of Ages | buff
  • approach of winter | buff
  • Rune – Legend: Tenacity | nerf
  • Jak’Sho | Adjustment
  • Seraph’s Embrace | Adjustment


As always, the next few days we will know the complete patch notes and we will update this same article with all the news that you should know about the first LoL patch of 2023.

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