Overwatch 2 shop item erroneously appears as part of the battle pass

The Overwatch 2 store is currently full of gear based on Greek gods, as the Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event kicks off with a Greek theme. However, an item included in an Overwatch 2 store bundle is included in the game as part of the season two battle pass, leading fans of the free-to-play FPS game to wonder if it was initially meant to be a part of the game. the season. offering.

The Hermes Lucio Bundle is currently on sale in the in-game Overwatch 2 store for 2,000 Overwatch Coins, and gives you quite the flashy look for the speedy support specialist themed after the notoriously agile Greek deity. Also included in the pack is a Winged Sandals weapon charm themed after the iconic shoes traditionally worn by Hermes. As usual, there is a slight discount for buying the pair together, as the mask would cost you 1900 coins and the amulet 700 coins if purchased separately.

However, when looking at the Winged Sandals charm via the hero screen alone, the accompanying text says that the item is “available in the battle pass.” This is not the case, as it appears that it is only available to purchase outright or as part of the bundle mentioned above. While this may have simply been a mistaken addition, it only added fuel to the fire, with some fans suggesting it’s “proof” that items were pulled from the battle pass and sold separately.

A comment voted on Overwatch Reddit reads: “This confirms (at least to me) that they gutted the Greek and cyberpunk skins from the battle pass to sell them in the store.” However, it is worth noting that there could be many reasons for this to happen. After all, the theme of the season isn’t just limited to the battle pass, and it’s likely that most of the items were created first and then assigned to the battle pass or the store, as appropriate, which generates some changes.

After all, there are items included in every tier of the battle pass. It’s easy to imagine, though of course this is pure speculation, that the amulet was initially intended to be included there, but that when the Hermes Lucius mask was designed, it made more sense to bundle the two together, given their thematic consistency.

Regardless, the Overwatch 2 monetization debate continues. Blizzard previously mentioned in November in a lengthy blog from executive producer Jared Neuss that “for season three and beyond, we’re looking at a mix of battle pass changes, more interesting challenges to chase, and more exciting player-focused progression systems. game for you everything to deepen.” We’re likely to see some things shaken up once Overwatch 2 Season 2 comes to a close, though exactly what those changes will be remains to be seen.

If you’re saving up to buy any of the items that are currently on sale, it sounds like Overwatch 2 Microsoft Rewards is actually a more efficient way to grind Overwatch Coins than playing the game itself. Check out our Overwatch 2 tier list for the strongest characters in the current meta, along with our guide to the best Overwatch 2 setup for your setup. We’ve also got more of the best multiplayer games for PC in 2023 if you’re looking to kick off the new year with some online action.

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