The best thick skins in Fortnite

We all know that playing as a female character is a way for us gamers to grab attention or pay homage to our digital crushes. And Fortnite is no exception to this. There are plenty of girly skins out there that have just the right amount of things that we all love. So, in the list below, enjoy the seven best chunky skins in Fortnite.

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7.Lara Croft

Image via Epic Games

Lara Croft is the mother of almost all the players. She is loved by gamers of all ages and even by people who don’t know her at all. Lara Croft is a born treasure hunter, skilled at climbing walls, navigating, and of course, a wide variety of combat.

From tomahawks to bows and arrows and even melee combat, his background fits very well into the world of Fortnite, and his body fits into the thicc category as well. Lara always keeps her body in top shape, keeping her physique in such a shape that most men and women would love to have and see.

6.Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn skin in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

Gotham’s queen and forerunner of the Joker, Harleen Quinzel, was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum until she met and fell in love with the Joker. Ever since she fell in love with the King of Chaos, she has been causing crime and mayhem on the streets of Gotham, and one day, Harley Quinn found herself in Fortnite.

Harley Quinn is a strong person who is always on the go and always in her prime. So it is not surprising that her physical appearance is, in general, simply attractive. She has the build of a superhero, and with a shape like hers, she is 100% thick.

5. Thief’s Skin

Thief skin in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

It is common for many artists to visualize an attractive cowgirl with a body like a soda bottle. And Fortnite’s Rustler skin is definitely no exception. Tall, blonde, and fit but curvy, Rustler’s skin is not only appropriate for playing sniper, but is also a textbook definition of thicc. With a physique fit for a cowgirl and shotgun bullets for self-defense, Rustler skin is certified as such.

4. Beach Ruby Skin

Skin Ruby Beach in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

The red Fortnite crush swimsuit that everyone loves has a more unique body structure than the rest of the other thicc skins on this list. Beach Ruby skin is one of the most ideal bodies that many people adore.

The Beach Ruby skin in Fortnite has an upper body that is relatively smaller than the rest of the skins on this list, but its lower body makes up for it. Her bottom not only made up for being put on the list, but is a perfect example of a thick butt.

3. Black Widow

Black widow skin in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite Black Widow skin has all the attributes of a thicc character and all the means for her to contain it. Black Widow is a physically fit athlete and assassin who always kept her body in top shape for whatever situation she might be in.

Black Widow’s body in Fortnite is shaped like an hourglass; she is like her logo but thicker than her. Being an expert in almost any type of combat and having the looks of a Wonder Woman, her presence in the Fortnite universe is sure to draw everyone’s attention.

2. Sunwalker Skin

Skin Walker of the Sun in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s beloved and iconic character skin, the Sunstrider skin. With her red uniform, her beautiful smile and her wavy blonde hair, you wish you were down just for her to come to your rescue. The physically fit and active scarlet lifeguard is a sight to behold.

The red rescuer has a perfect hourglass physique, a shapely upper body, arms that are not too muscular but not too skinny either, and a thicc-defining bottom. The Fortnite Sunstrider skin is surely iconic, and for good reason.

1. Chun Li

Street Fighter Chun Li Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

Chun-Li is the pinnacle of thicc character design, and Fortnite did her design justice in her universe. Chun-Li is a master martial artist and has always trained to surpass her own limits and as a result, she became everyone’s mother.

Chun-Li’s physique is indeed the textbook definition of thicc. Great upper body structure, arms that are in great shape, and a bottom that depicts a smooth and graceful curve. With a body built like Chun-Li’s, it would be sacrilege to think that she isn’t at least one of the thickest character skins in Fortnite.


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