The LoL item that kills its wearers

In League of Legends and everything that refers to the Runeterra region is loaded with interactions that end up calling our attention, special dialogues for the crossover between champions and some of the main objectives of the Summoner’s Rift, but in recent weeks it began to transcend a slightly more peculiar animation that no one had noticed before. This is that one of the items in the shop kills the wearer himself once the game is over, granting the shutdown the same champion who is killed, that is, oneself.

We talk about now nerfed Jak’Sho, this item has recently been introduced in the current LoL preseason and was the target of a major nerf in it Patch 12.23b, it is now watched for a peculiar interaction that consists of executing the item’s own bearer after the game is over only if he ends the game with 0 (zero) deaths. Quickly and before he can lose the game chat he points out, “Jak’Sho deems ‘User’ worthy and has absorbed his power» followed by the death animation of the champion we own. This detail was viralized by the Youtuber Rival, who posted a video on his channel with the clip in question as well as a curious detail in the description of the item itself.

Is the murderous Jak’Sho a clue to a future LoL champion?

In the description of the Jak’Sho It is defined as follows: “It has been called in many ways. A helmet. A second skin. a living grave«, on this last definition we can focus to think about this interaction. In addition this object to be improved by Ornn is renamed “unspoken parasite«, Which gives us another indication that when you buy it something lives inside looking for a worthy power to absorb.

It is not yet defined if this is an interaction on purpose by the development team or if that is part of a bug in the game. What is clear is that this animation does not influence the development of the game at all since it only happens when the nexus of one of the teams is completely destroyed. There are also some theories about this easter egg will it be the Jak’Sho a clue about the next Void-related champion (void) in LoL?

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